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4.1 “Cover up as much as dug out” (Time 5:45)

4.2 “Knowledge filter, a fundamental feature of science. It is also a fundamental feature of human nature. People tends to filter out what don’t make sense in term of their paradigm and their way of thinking.” (Time 5:55)

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(In English see [A11][A12])


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English News

"Renzi blasts Cambridge University for failing to co-operate with investigation into murdered Italian student", Andrea Vogt, The Telegraph 01 Ago 2016

… more ...

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[A33] Judge Luigi Tosti has been disbar as Judge and Lawyer for suggesting to remove the crucifix from the Courts of Justice. A few links to introduce in Italian and English.

Links in English

Notes "B"

[B1] Matthew, 16:17-19 «And Jesus said to Simon, “You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church.»

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[B5] Luke, 20:25 «So Jesus told them, "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's."»

[B6] Matthew, 22:21 «"Caesar's," they answered. So Jesus told them, "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's."»

Notes "W"

[W1] Bible Text (See also [W7], [W37])

- New Testament apocrypha

- Development of the New Testament canon

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[W43] Gnosticism

[W44] Catharism

[W45] Waldensians

[W46] Map of Piri Reis

[W47] Women in the French Revolution

[W48] Cecile Kyenge

I wonder why the English and Italian pages are so different. The English page doesn’t even mention the Interview [A15]écile_Kyengeécile_Kyenge

[W49] Magdalene Asylum, alias, the Magdalene laundries

“The Magdalene Sisters” (2002) by Peter Mullan.

[W50] South Africa – Truth and Reconciliation Commission

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See also [A24]

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[W53] Operation Gladio

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[W55] David Kelly (weapons expert)

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[W63] Nuremberg trials

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[W66] Donations of Constantine and Pipin

[W67] President of the EU Commission Mr Jean-Claude Juncker

[W68] Tony Blair

[W69] Iraq Inquiry

[W70] Hutton Inquiry

(also [A32], [W55], [W69])

[W71] Vatican, The Decree against Communism, 1 July 1949

After WWII and the Nuremberg Trials, this Decree resumes and re-establishes the Cultural principles of the Concordat at the origin of the Racial Laws of Mussolini, persecuting the Democrats as Apostates of the Faith.

From the Italian page of Wikipedia you can see a photograph of the original leaflets that were on display and distributed at the entrance of the Churches at the time, just after the Nuremberg Trials.