(To whom it may concern)

To those who may believe this is a novel, I spent long walks trying to understand what would be best: if I had to publish documents to support my words, how many documents would be necessary, and what would be the definitive evidence if common sense and logic don’t make sense anymore?

On the following page is the photocopy of my stolen passport. (following image for eBook)

As you can see it was issued on the 28th September 2001 by the Passport Office of the Questura of Milan, the Police Headquarters.

The following year the details of my passport were registered with my address on more papers from the same Questura, and confirmed in person by Police Inspector.

(Image 1)

The year after my passport was issued, I used it to identify myself to the Police Office in Milan, in order to collect documents.

On the following page is copy of a Police Report signed by the Police inspector, reporting the details of the stolen passport and the address I was living, my property in Milan.

Please note this document was issued on the 12th March 2002 by the same Questura of Milan also my passport was issued.

Translation of the following page (following image for eBook).

Via Perotti n. 02 - MILANO
Tel 02.6943451 - Fax 02.69434541

OBJECT: Notification report for : BENATTI Luca, born in Poggio Rusco (MI), il 09.07.1963, res. in Milano in via F. Morandi n.7; ordinary passport n. 604296Z, issued date 28.09.2001, by the Questore of Milan. Tel.02.26113128 (home) 347.9688360 (mobile) - - - - -

Today 12/03/2002, at 16.42, in the offices of the Police Station “GRECO TURRO”, in Milan Via Perotti n.02; in front of the undersigned Officer of Judiciary Police BATTISTIN Renato, Inspector of State Police, the person in object is present to collect the information, and copy was given to him. - - - - - - -

Of what was drafted above was issued a minute,

re-read, confirmed and subscribed - - - -

Person in Object Police Inspector

(Image 2)

I complained to the President of the Italian Republic for the reasons I explained in this book, especially concerning education and research, and in 2002 I had the following reply. Please note it was 26th March 2002.

Not long later I had a PhD offer in England, but by then I was not Luca anymore, and I had no Degree anymore. I found myself paperless in England looking like an impostor, with the best wishes of the Italian Public Administration.

Translation of the following page.

Roma, 26 MAR 2002








Egregious dr. Benatti,

in relation to Your letter, addressed to the Head of the State, I can reassure You that this Office has submitted Your concern for the attention of the Minister for Education, university and scientific research for examination.

In fact, the President of the Republic, once explicated his constitutional prerogatives, has no faculty of intervention on matters that are competence of other bodies of the State.

Best Regards - p. Director of the Office

As you can see the reply was sent to the address on my passport, again, my property where I was living, but obviously it is just a letter; it is not a Police inspector witnessing in person and confirming re-read information.

(Image 3)

In the next page is copy of the Report of the theft of the passport.

The theft happened on Sunday, and the next day I asked what to do. The Consulate told me to prepare a few documents and then to contact the Honorary Consul in Belfast to complete the procedure, and so I did. I went to the Police for the report of the theft, and with the photographs I filed the request with the Honorary Consul. He said the new passport would come in a matter of days.

It was the 10th November 2002

(Image 4)

After I filed the request for new passport, the Consulate replied 09/06/2003 (1).

Put the case you had your passport stolen, abroad. Would that be tolerable to you if the Consulate were to reply after 9 months? And what about if the Consulate, after 9 months, was to inform you that you were to exceed 12 months period abroad, and decided for you that you were better to relocate? And what if the Consulate, after 9 months, was to write you a letter asking your address, like it wasn’t on the letter they just sent.

After I received the following letter, I informed the Consulate my address was on the letter they sent, and my reasons to be in the U.K. were temporary, personal matters concerning a University Course, and I would have already moved if I only had the passport.

This is the rendering of the letter you see in the next page, which is the reply I received from the Consulate after the request for new passport filed 9 months before.

09/06/2003 (1)

Dear Mr. Benatti,

following your request for a new passport – you subscribed in presence of the Honorary Consul in Belfast – I am honored to inform you that the competent Italian Authorities have notified this office that your name “HAS BEEN CANCELLED FROM THE GENERAL REGISTRY OF THE RESIDENTS IN THE TOWN OF MILAN because of YOU WERE UNREACHABLE”.

In the light of what is explained above, I ask you to notice that before we could proceed to the issue of a new passport in your name, this General Consulate has to ask you to register to the A.I.R.E. (Registry of the Italian resident abroad) of the town of Milan. For these reasons I consider it useful to inform you that, under the law n. 470/1988, the citizen who relocate his residence abroad for a period exceeding 12 months HAS to ask to register to the A.I.R.E. of the town of last residence in Italy.

Therefore, in order to proceed as you asked, I would be pleased if you could fill in, subscribe and return the attached form to this office. Waiting for your reply, with Best Regards

p. il Console Generale

Simonetta Corti

(Image 5)

The Consulate replied informing me it had asked again for the mandate to issue new passport. It was 24/07/2003 (2)

This is the translation of the letter on the next page

24/07/2003 (2)

Dear Mr Benatti

Following Your request for the issue of a new passport, I inform You that this General Consulate has sent a new request to the Central Police in Milan (for a mandate) to authorize the issue of the new passport, and this office will contact you as soon a reply is received.

Best Regards


(P. Il Console Generale)

(The Officer)

Francesca Rinaldi

(Image 6)

The Consulate again replied 24/11/2003 (3)

This is the translation of the letter on the next page

24/11/2003 (3)

Dear Mr Benatti

Concerning your request for a new passport I am to inform you that:

1 – The Central Police Station informed us that you have been cancelled from the General Registry of the population resident in Milan, because you were unreachable at the census 2001

2 – This Consulate can issue a passport to you only if

a - You are resident in the consular district of Scotland and Northern Ireland

b - After mandate authorization from the competent territorial authority where you reside, if you reside outside this consular district.

Therefore we renew the request to inform us of your current residence, I inform you that under the art. 6 of the law 27.10.1988, the citizen moving his residence abroad from a town in Italy, has to declare to the consular office within 90 days from moving. I will be pleased if you could inform us if you intend to remain in this consular circumscription for a period longer than 12 months.

We wait to receive as requested above.

Best Regards


Andrea Macchioni

(Image 7)

A few months after I received the last letter from the Consulate, in January 2004 I decided to move to Leeds without a passport. In fact, after informing the Consulate I had my passport stolen, after I paid various fees almost one year before, I never had any replacement, not even a temporary one, but only the suggestion to relocate.

After contacting the University in Leeds, as suggested by the professor in Belfast, I had a PhD offer, so I had to return to the Consulate for the legal translation of my University Degree, but later the Professors in the picture of my degree ceremony didn’t confirm the degree they issued, with their signature, stamps and photographs, and made me into an impostor.

So I had to return again to the Consulate, to complain about the vanishing of my degree, but the Consulate refused to report my legal suit to the competent offices in Italy, and as a consequence I sent it to the European Union, enquiring about my rights for traveling and my personal opportunities without my personal documents.

In the next page is the black and white version (color for eBook) of the photograph of my graduation ceremony at the Verona University. You can see the full commission, but later, as I said, the same professors you see in the photograph didn’t confirm the Degree they have issued, and made me into an impostor, a counterfeiter.

(Image 8)

I was living in my property in Milan.

The Questura Office of Milan (Head Police office) issued my passport, and sometime later the details of that Passport were reported by the Police Inspector of the same Questura on more documents.

Meanwhile, after the Passport, my University Degree also went missing, preventing me from fulfilling the opportunity I organized in autonomy.

Would you tolerate the Public Administration making you paperless, for years?

Would you tolerate a solicitor suggesting you conform to the will of the Consul and be the impostor, the traditional dodgy Italian, just to cover-up the Italian Mafia and the Public Administration blackmailing people for documents people have rights to, immediately and for free?

(Image 9)

I do repeat, would you tolerate a solicitor suggesting you to conform to the will of the Consul and be the impostor, the traditional dodgy Italian, just to cover-up the Italian Mafia and the Public Administration blackmailing people for documents people have rights to, immediately and for free?

How long are people supposed to wait for a passport replacement, until the after-life?

Meanwhile, was I free to travel and fulfill the opportunities I organized in autonomy? And what about my Rights as EU Citizen? But probably as paperless, with no papers, I was not an EU Citizen anymore, was I?

I underline the Italian Consulate not only failed to issue the passport replacement in reasonable time but also refused to help with any kind of temporary Passport to let me return to Italy and resolve their problems with their forgeries concerning my address and my University Degree. In all this time and with all the problems they caused since the time I paid cash for my passport replacement and later my lost University Degree, the Consulate never provided any help, nothing more than what you can see, and the Consul never showed up to explain who was the impostor.

(Image 10)

Dissatisfied with the Solicitor Hyams, and not willing to be the impostor, or scapegoat covering up for the Italian Culture and Tradition of Mafia's, bribery and blackmail, I went to the Emergency of the NHS to report that I was prevented from going back home and from registering the PhD offer I had, and since making people paperless is criminal I asked for the intervention of the Police. The Police told me to go to the Citizen Advice Bureau, and from there to the solicitor Hyams. As I know the Emergency department of Hospitals have an obligation to report to the Police the crimes they become aware of, and I wanted to report that I was paperless for a long time, and prevented from traveling without real justification.

The doctor at the Emergency could not believe my situation, because Italy is a democratic place within the EU, and does not make people paperless. Therefore I got arrested (sectioned) because the doctor believed his preconceptions and prejudices more than the photograph of my graduation Degree Ceremony, or the letters of the Consulate or the Solicitor.

Please note I was invited to Leeds University, and after disclosing my project I had my PhD offer but could not register because the professors in the photograph of my graduation ceremony at the Verona University did not confirm the degree they have issued and made me to be an impostor or liar.

But References should not go missing, as they are official documents of the Curriculum of every student; this is evident trough my Curriculum that I had the best marks from the Professors in the Photograph of my Graduation Ceremony but I became paperless as if I had never been there.

(Image 11)

Dr Buller page 2

It is difficult to explain how my Passport and my University Degree vanished at the same time, and the Consulate could not provide assistance of any kind. This is why Br Buller used the word conspiracy. But in reality they made me paperless for real, no theories or opinions on this, despite the promises of the Consulate to me first, then to the Police, than to the CAB and the solicitor, and then the NHS as well. But I couldn't travel with the promise of a Passport, could I?

Is this the moment they reduced me to slavery? After I reported again and again I was still waiting for my Passport? After I was complained my EU Rights and Freedom to travel and fulfill the opportunity I organized in autonomy were prevented?

Please note that there was nothing wrong with me, other than that I was paperless, could not travel, could not register the PhD I was offered, and without a Passport couldn't hire a decent Lawyer, and was not willing to be the impostor to cover-up the Consul, or to be paperless from an EU country and within EU borders.

Concerning the “frustration”, I wonder how long dr Buller would have tolerated being paperless. I explained the situation, they verified and wrote it down, but apparently didn't understand the severity of the situation and that I was a victim. As if making people paperless, and as such reducing people into slavery, could possibly be legal or tolerable.

Please note I was trying to address the situation via “legal channels”, but I was rather left paperless for some time more.

(Image 12)

16 June 2004 the European Court for Human Rights replied concerning my rights and freedoms. As you can see my request was denied as “inadmissible”.

(Image 13)

On the following page is a letter from the European Office OLAF

In July 2005 the OLAF office of the European Commission sent my legal claim to the Court in Milan, in fact without a passport I was clearly prevented from traveling, and with the vanishing of my degree I was also prevented from fulfilling the opportunities for the PhD I organized. But the Prosecutor in Milan, Corrado Carnevali, swept the claim under the carpet, like I didn’t have any rights to my personal documents, or worst, like my only right was to conform to the High Moral Values of the National System of Corruption.

(Image 14)

EU Office OLAF - Page 2

For acknowledgment copy was sent to the Prosecutor in Milan, Corrado Carnevali.

(quote from pag. 71) (Go)

Then, in October 2006 I decided to write to the MP for High Education Bill Rammell, to report the situation to the European Offices for a solution.”

“And what happened?” he asked curious, like if I said something he also would have tried.

“The reply said there was nothing he could have done, and suggested to contact a solicitor in Italy. Then, a few days later I was arrested, because someone had the insolence to pretend I could have been deluded and organized revenge, and turn into a terrorist, and plot mass murders as consequence of the situation I was reporting and complaining as unjust and illegal. (quote from pag. 71)

(quote from pag 58)(Go)

So, I was forced into silence, in the confine of their lies, to make real their pretence I was not Luca, was not Degree at Verona University, and never had any reason or rights to claim. They can make your documents vanish, and then pretend the problem is you, not conforming to their will, the will of the Institutions; they can design you like a character from a novel, and you will never be able to complain. (quote from pag 58)

(Image 15)

On the following page is copy of a letter from the Minister for Higher Education MP Bill Rammell.

After trying the emergency department of the Hospital I wrote to MP Bill Rammell, asking him to help me to resolve the problem with the Italian Consulate, in respect of EU Laws concerning the freedom of traveling and opportunities.

Mr MP Bill Rammell was Minister for Higher Education in the Government of PM Tony Blair.

As you can see the letter doesn't say a word about making people paperless within EU borders.

It doesn't say anything about the Ambassador or any Italian Consul, as I would have liked a clear plain explanation from them for what they were doing, the honorable and reliable Italians of the Public Administration.

On the other hand it mention that I was claiming my Rights as an EU citizen, my right to travel and fulfill the opportunity I organized in autonomy, and as such suggested to look for legal advice in Italy. But I wasn't free to travel to Italy to do this, and probably was more important to cover-up the Consulate.

(Image 16)

On the following pages are two letters from the same solicitor.

The RMO (Resident Medical Officer) indicated it wouldn't be in the Public Interest for the Police to pursue this matter.

Flannigan, the RMO, made up false accusations of all kinds, and despite the Police not finding anything to be investigated, she (RMO) had the insolence to pretend to be honest, that I didn't want to be discharged as she said to the solicitor, and later more false accusations when I was handed over to the Forensic Psychiatrist Dissanayaka. As if she ever had any reason to section me, before or after the Police dismissed her accusations as unsubstantiated.

I asked a solicitor to legally acknowledged and witness my situation, that my documents had vanished and the false accusations made against me.

(Image 17)

But out of mislaid applications, misleading reports, the lack of progress he mentions, and the false accusations dismissed every time by the Police, the manipulation and plagiarism of the RMO, the solicitor was happy to be paid anyway.

As matter of fact, as you can see, this kind of solicitor doesn't even need to spell my name correctly to be paid.

Flannigan, after stalking me and making false accusations to the Police, repeatedly, also made false statements to the solicitor pretending I was happy to be there, and later to the Forensic Psychiatrist Dr Dissanayaka, pretending I was the problem, the terrorist.

(Image 18)

On the following page is another letter from another solicitor.

Again the Police couldn't find anything to prosecute, despite the evidence of more false accusations, slander, defamation, and the stalking of a paperless person prevented from appropriate legal representation.

But the solicitor was more compromising and tolerant, as if he was to be paid anyway and I was to be paperless anyway.

(Image 19)

On the following page is a letter from Dr Dissanayaka.

I wonder why the false accusations of Flannigan have never been investigated. She accused me of being a terrorist and a murderer in order to get me arrested by the Police, and when the Police dismissed the case, she and her colleagues had not been investigated for false accusations.

So they went further with their insolence and I was section by Flannigan on the ground of the false accusation she made up and the Police could not accept, not even with the backup of all her best professional friends.

Every time Flannigan organized new accusations I had a new solicitor, not because I chose it but because without a passport I couldn't hire one; and every time a different solicitor told me that the false accusations were to be dismissed as unsubstantiated, as if the repeating of false accusations was not evidence of substantiated stalking, harassing, slander, defamation, and false information provided to mislead the Police.

I have been repeatedly accused of the most pervert and vicious scums Ms Flannigan could organize, anonymously, but the Police could never find anything to investigate, nothing more than the false accusations of Flannigan, the Police always dismissed as unsubstantiated.

What about the insolence of Flannigan, pretending all of this never happened. As if I didn't voice the rights for my passport replacement long before she arrived, and she was not to cover-up the good relations of the Italian Embassy at my expenses, during the government of Tony Blair, just before his conversion to the Catholic Church.

(Image 20)

Dr Dissanayaka - page 2

You can see also the Forensic Psychiatrist Dr Dissanayaka mentions legal claims I should have reported to Italy. As if all of this didn't happen in England, as if they had no obligation to report crimes to the EU Police from the start. As if anything of this could have possibly ever been in my best interest, at any time, to be paperless from EU Country and within EU Borders, and I didn't report appropriately from the start.

It was clear since the time of Dr Buller that it was a legal matter, and that I was not the problem but the victim, despite the superior understanding of Flannigan, far above the average.

Dear Dissanayaka, could you tell why the Catholic Syllabus never mention the Racial Laws? Could you tell how the Catholic Heresies have become Catholic Legacy, or is the subject not in your background?

To hear this from his own mouth visit the Audio recording of Dissanayaka [A10]

Transcript of the recording (chap 05 - Jason): (Go)

Note to this document:

Please, visit the video [A10] with the audio tape recording and hear the true voice of DR N. Dissanayaka "It is an intolerable way to have to live" [A10]

(Image 21)

Recently I contacted a solicitor, and he replied:

«Whilst, we do appreciate your situation and the injustices you have faced, we have to comply with these obligations. Unfortunately, all solicitors in the UK are bound by the same obligations and accordingly, you might struggle to find someone to act for you without identification documents unless they know you personally.»

Apparently, to make people paperless, is tolerated and promoted with systematic indifference.

(Image 22)

Some time later I contacted the Office of the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, but this is the only European Union provided and probably I should understand that making people paperless is not discriminating or targeting anybody in particular and it is perfectly legal, the recommended solution; no gas no tears.

email from Ares: 8th June 2018

(Image 23)

email from Ares: 26th Nov 2019

(Image 24)

email from Ares: 10th Dec 2019

(Image 25)

Appendix: In conclusion

By the law I have no rights to hire a layer because I am paperless, like an illegal immigrant, and only have the rights to be tortured by the same people who made me paperless. In evidence to make people paperless is a crime, it is against the law, and for sure I had the rights to my personal documents since long before they arrived with their fabrications, insults, blackmails, and nothing may change this fact. There is no chance to make people paperless without breaking the law, and there are no people paperless to talk about, but only people made paperless, in the offices, illegally, and kept paperless with the criminal intent to prevent them from their rights and from Justice.

Depriving people of personal ID documents is criminal because reduces people to slavery, and this is exactly what they did to me. So, since I am sure only a bunch of criminals may find all of this as tolerable, or legal, I decided to write this publication, to inform you concerning education, rights and freedoms that have been lost.

With Best Regards


In the following page is copy of an email from Barrister Paul Diamond. Please note the date is June 2008.

(Image 26)

Wikipedia doesn't offer appropriate rendering of the Decree against Communism, so here I have one.

By now you should know the problem was not with Communism but the Fundamental Values of Democracy, the Freedom of Choice and the Secular Value of Justice historically persecuted as Heresies for Heretics, Anarchists, and more recently Apostates of the Faith.

The leaflets were on display and distributed at the entrance of the Churches; just after the Nuremberg Trials it resumes the Cultural Principles of the Concordat at the origin of the Racial Laws of Mussolini, persecuting the Democrats as Apostates of the Faith.


- - - + - - -
- - - + - - -


It is severe sin to:

1 Register as member of the Communist Party

2 Support in any way or to Vote to the Communist Party

3 Read Communist Publications

4 Distribute Communist Publications

Therefore one cannot receive absolution without repentance and firm disposition not to repeat

- + -

Whoever, registered or not to the Communist Party, who acknowledges the Marxist doctrine, Atheist and anti-Christian and propaganda such ideals, is


and can be absolved only by the Holy See

- + -

What said for the Communist Party is extended to the other parties making common cause with it

May God enlighten and have mercy of those sinners about so serious matter, because the eternal life is at risk

From Wikipedia [W71] (Image 27)

Photograph of the original leaflets that were on display and distributed
at the entrance of the Churches, just after the Nuremberg Trials

Photograph from Piacenza, Italy, 1949.

English graphics in the Prologue. (Go Prologue)