From the long shadows of the trees crossing the meadow I knew she was not to be seen in the park that day. Nevertheless, nothing was important anymore, not the time, not the place, not if she was to cross the gate. Another day was coming to its conclusion, and another day of my life was gone. I closed the eyes, pretending to be dead on the bench, until I felt someone was nearby.

“Hi. Have you got a light?”

“Yes, I think so” I answered, opening my eyes and checking in my pockets.

“Recently I have seen you often in the Park, with Aisling. My name is Jason”.

“Hi Jason, how do you do?”

“Fine thanks, but I forgot my lighter at home.”

“This is not a big problem, here is one“ I said, remembering him walking in the Park.

“Thanks” he acknowledged, before lighting the cigarette;

“Do you mind if I take a seat?” he asked.

“Please do” I answered, moving the book I left open on the bench.

“What about your reading? Am I disturbing you?”

“Don’t worry, I was chewing over it; it's a history book I borrowed from the library” I replied, turning the cover.

“England against the Papacy” he said reading the title, “By C.T. McIntire” [A2]. I never heard of it; it sounds like an Anti-Catholic book” he remarked.

“Yes, from the title I had the same impression, but it isn’t. It's about the ending of the Absolute Power, and the English Diplomacy at the time of the making of the Kingdom of Italy, in 1860.”

“Politics; I hope you are paid to read that” he said with a scornful expression.

“It's not that bad; it's like a thriller with the Great Grandpa of the Godfather.” I said encouraging and adapting the story to more recent characters. “Today in the European Parliament we can find the Catholic Democrats Alliance, the Catholic Liberals Alliance, and also the Catholic Socialists Alliance, like if the Secular Values could possibly have ever been Catholic Legacy. In 1860 a scenario like this would have never been possible, and this book helps to emerge this shift; how did the Secular Values become Catholic Legacy?”

“I can see this; but how did it happen?” he asked surprised for the unexpected turn.

“It's really not a popular subject but after World War II the Iron Curtain and the War on Communism have erased the Secular Values also from the Ideals of our Political Parties, and also from our school books, plunging Europe back in the dark ages. Like if Martin Luther, Henry VIII and Voltaire never existed. Bit by bit, the Secular Values have been erased from the schoolbooks, this is how it happened; one step at a time, and now people don’t even know what the Secular Values are.”

“This is twisted; so how was it before” he asked again.

“At that time, in 1860, the Democratic Movements were growing all over in Europe, establishing Constitutional Monarchies, demolishing the Absolute Power, and the traditional authority of the Pope was not enough to crown a King anymore, but the ‘Will of People’ was also necessary. On the other hand the Pope was still excommunicating the masses, like in the dark ages, and pretending to be above the Law, causing recurrent turmoil. During this process of emancipation from the Papacy, the Pope was also deposed and overthrown a few times from ruling the ‘State of Caesar’, but every time the European Catholic Monarchies challenged each other dispatching the best military contingents to restore the Papacy back, and legitimate their throne.”

“I see; I wonder if a priest would read or recommend a book like this” he commented smiling.

“Maybe, but this is a history book. It reports facts, and this controversy concerning Caesar and God is also in the Bible. In the Gospels of Mark, Luke and Matthew it says to ‘Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s’, but in the Acts of the Apostles the Bible instead recommends ‘We must obey God rather than Man’ [B4] [B5][B6][W65].

Mainly the issue concerns Justice, to be administered in this side of the grave; it is about now and then, these cannot be confused with each other. Nevertheless our rights for Justice in accord to Caesar have been shifted more and more and postponed into the afterlife, and after the pretence of being above the law there is no evidence the followers of God have ever respected any law, not even the laws they made. Maybe the Bible is contradictory about this, but if you look at what they do you will see the unmasked reality of a bunch of mobsters and gangsters pretending to be above the law.”

“Exactly what I meant; the kind of book a priest would never recommend” he said repeating and smiling again.

“Maybe, but this is exactly the point; would that be possible for a priest to respect a Secular System of Values in which there is no absolute power and nobody is above the law?” I asked, trying to find common ground.

“I see, it's not really Religion but Politics, Jurisprudence, Philosophy; it is complicated, isn’t it?” he asked as if he wanted to acknowledge he was still listening.

“Yes, it is articulated, but it is exactly about Religion and the way Religion affects our world, including Politics, Justice, and the rights we have for our lives. There is no Philosophy that could dilute the Secular Values into Catholic Legacy, and if the followers of God cannot respect any Secular Value, how could they teach it in the Secular Schools?” I asked unveiling my concern. “What about the schoolbooks?”

“I see, you are about the schoolbooks” he said, leaking some dissatisfaction.

“Religion is influencing the secular schoolbooks more than the Civil Values do and really it's not a matter of schoolbooks. It's matter of life on this side of the grave, and not in the afterlife.”

He looked at me like thoughtfully.

“I don’t understand from your accent, where are you from?” he asked.

“Unfortunately” I said, commenting with my usual answer to that question.

“What do you mean by unfortunately?”

“Originally I am from Italy” I tried to explain.

“Oh; now I can understand your readings” he said. “And what about AC Milan?” he asked again.

“I was living in Milan”.

“So, how are things over there? I believe you didn’t come over just to read this book of McIntire for me, did you?”

“Who knows? During that time the reasons have changed from the original plan”.

“I hope it has changed for the better. There are a few Italians living around here, do you know any of them?” he asked.

“No, you know more than I do” I said. “I don’t know many people, especially Italians; did you ever wonder why there are so many Italian emigrants around?”

“Italy is a country of travellers and sailors, like Christopher Columbus, isn’t it?” he suggested, smiling.

“I heard these words before, from some Italians. Ask them again, if they are travellers or emigrants” I said with some dissent. “The number of people leaving the country speaks for itself.”

“I am curious about Italy; the Football, the Pope. Who really is the Godfather? Does he really exist? Tell me a story about it.”

“I could tell you all kinds of stories, but I prefer the mysteries which reveal themselves through asking the right questions.”

“Yes, like Aisling?” he said with a smile.

“No. Aisling is alright, and she is not something I am curious about” I replied to his humorous remark.

“So what is it? I am still curious. Recently I have seen you quite often here in the Park, with Aisling, talking and writing. Don’t tell me it is nothing to do with her.” He said, with an expression like he knew something, and was expecting from me some explanation.

“You are right, she is helping me in English; I am writing a book and maybe we write it together.”

“Oh, nice, and what is it about?”

“To outline in few words, it is about education and real life. It is a catalogue of evidence and thoughts about schoolbooks, culture and knowledge, but also deception and intentional misinformation.”

“Ok, I choose real life rather than education.”

“And you would be right. It would be more consistent with the world we are living in, but without education it would be more difficult to understand the world around us repeating itself. Anyway, the main reason I am here is because I had a PhD offer a few years ago, at Leeds University.”

“Oh, nice. A PhD in what?”

“In visual perception” I said.

“Oh, nice. Anything to do with the Arts?”

“Not really, I am not an artist at all; and by the way I never had the chance to register for the PhD because the professors in the photograph of my degree ceremony did not confirm the degree they have issued, with their signature on it, and made me into an impostor, a counterfeiter.”

“Sorry, I didn’t get that. What happened?”

“The professors from Verona University where I have completed my degree did not confirm the degree they issued with their signature on it, and made me gave the impression that I was an impostor, a counterfeiter.”

“I don’t believe this. How is it possible they didn’t confirm your degree?”

“I know it sounds odd, but you should ask the Italian Administration, not me. There is no answer to justify why the Administration of Verona University didn’t confirm its own documents, with their signature on it, and questioning why it happened is misleading, like there could be a reason to justify the vanishing of degrees from the archives. It was their job, their responsibility; but they are far above all of this. They simply didn’t confirm the documents they have issued, with their signature, stamps and photographs, and made me gave the impression that I was an impostor; simple as that.”

“This is really odd. Did they get fired for this?”

“Forget it. In Italy Ministers and consultants of the Government have been found declaring they have a degree they actually never had [A19], and also professors at the University have been found faking their degree and nothing ever happened, despite the fact that a Degree has a Legal Value and faking it is like faking money.

Concerning the vanishing of my degree, a few years ago I sent a Legal Claim to the OLAF Office of the European Union, concerning my rights for travelling in Europe and to fulfil my PhD opportunities, and they sent that Claim to the Court of justice in Milan but the Prosecutor swept the Claim under the carpet. In Italy, you may go to the University for years, pass your exams with the best marks, and then it may happen that the professors in the photograph of your Degree Ceremony will not confirm the degree they have issued, and rather blackmail you for documents you have rights to. This is the Italian tradition!” I said, shaking the book of McIntire in my hands.

“That was extortion, wasn't it?” he asked.

“That was well organized negligence, hiding traditional bribery and methodical blackmails. That was the tradition of favours and blackmail, the very same system of corruption also Martin Luther was complaining about ages ago.

Fortunately, the Italian Public Administration can always rely on the established beliefs that Italians are dodgy and counterfeiters; who else could be the dodgy one between the Public Office and me?

At that time I also called the office of the University in Verona, on the telephone, and I know they were aware of the situation; they also sent me an email informing me that they were aware of the request of Leeds University, but they never confirmed my degree. What they have done was intentional; it was a blackmail to get some money out of me, as if I had to pay a ransom for my personal documents. It is simply like that; and blackmail or not, this is what happened.

Furthermore they are people, but the papers they sign become words of the Institution, and offices don’t blackmail people for documents people have rights to. They hide behind the respectability of these offices, and if I never had confirmation of my degree it could only be me being untruthful, and not them blackmailing honest people.”

“This is quite a story; but, if the students are blackmailed and have to pay black money for their documents, why didn’t you do the same?” he asked.

“Well, does it make sense to you, if I had rights for these documents?”

“Yes, of course it does, but apparently having the right is not enough” he replied.

“I was at the University, for real, and have no intention of being blackmailed by a bunch of mobsters. These people should have been prosecuted, for transforming the Public Offices into a warehouse for scammers and con artists. I have no intention of acting as an accomplice to a gang of mobsters and counterfeiters, but I want eventually to press charges, and to expose all of them. This is the worst possible mafia of all, the mafia of Public Administration, and I have no intention of being a partner in their crimes. They are the true enemy of the State, transforming the Institutions into a cover-up for counterfeiters hiding behind the respectability of Public Office.”

“This is really weird. I Hope the situation will resolve itself” he said, but I knew the reality was to be quite different.

“Well, now it is too late. When my degree was vanished I was also cancelled from the population list. I have no passport, no personal ID, like I have never existed, or I were dead.”

“This is unimaginable; but how is this possible?” he asked, “Don’t you have someone in Italy to go to the authorities to resolve this problems?”

“I don’t really like people to get involved with this; I believe I have to do it on my own. My mother sometime ago was concerned, and wanted to try but she only wasted her time. On the other hand, if the authorities, the Institution, don’t confirm the document they have issued shortly before, with their signature on it, and state that you don’t have a degree, what do you believe you can do? They are the reliable sources, and if the Professors in the Photograph of my Degree Ceremony did not confirm the degree they have issued, with their signature on it, all I could do was to press charges and expose them and make public my Legal Claim, because the Court would sweep it under the carpet.”

“And how long has this situation been going on?”

“I had my PhD offer more then 10 years ago.”

“And since then you cannot travel, and basically you are trapped here.”

“Yes, exactly like that. I have been complaining for 10 years” I said.

“Unbelievable; and you can prove all of this.”

“Well, I applied for my documents, and you see the results. I would really like someone to take me to Court for pretending to be Luca Benatti, with degree from Verona University. I would like to see how they could change these facts” I said, but to me was already clear also the Catholic Heresies were transformed into Catholic Legacy, and there was nothing we could have really relied on, not even our name, or the Principle of Identity.

“Anyway, the story was not finished like that. First the Italian Offices made me into an impostor, paperless like an illegal immigrant, and then, when it became clear I was just the victim of the Italian offices, some anonymous informants had the courage to suggest I could have had good reasons to organize revenge, or to become a terrorist, and I was isolated in order to protect them from their fears, for what they have done. So, I was forced into silence, in the confine of their lies, to make real their pretence I was not Luca, was not Degree at Verona University, and never had any reason or rights to claim. They can make your documents vanish, and then pretend the problem is you, not conforming to their will, the will of the Institutions; they can design you like a character from a novel, and you will never be able to complain. It is so obvious the authorities don’t lie, and if they say you don’t have a degree, that is the truth, and you will be forced to conform to the fiction they made real, despite whatever evidence you may provide.

This is my true and sincere experience; the picture I have got from the democracy we are living in. There are people doing private business in Pubic Offices, fabricating documents, and the Courts of Justice refuse cases exposing the misadministration and the corruption of such Officers. It is like they had Absolute Power, and the Institutions would rather sweep under the carpet the cases they cannot stand, waiting for things to cool down and cancel as much as possible of what they have done. They are concerned for preserving the honour and the High Moral Values of the institutions, in the name of the best interest of society, and they are not concerned at all about the law, about Justice, about the victims, or the Public Order and Safety they definitively put at risk.

There are no laws or rights we can really rely on. I can assure you, also our name may be taken from us.”

“How is it possible all of this, turning people into paperless impostors? It cannot be legal make people vanish like that” he said with an expression of surprise, like he couldn’t believe it.

These are just papers. There are cases like Cecile Kyenge and Giulio Regeni perhaps, they also admitted with their voices the scam of dodgy documents they had, and after all, still pretend to be honest. You don’t really need to master a degree to have one; they're just papers. The recent titles in the news concerned the cases of Kyenge and Regeni but these are just two cases, the most recent. Every day there are new cases, and many more could have been found as Kyenge and Regeni were not alone in their classrooms.”

“I don’t know; I never heard of them” he said, as he couldn’t understand my point.

“The case of Cecile Kyenge [A15][A16][W48] was in the news all over Europe” I replied promptly, “And Giulio Regeni was a PhD Student at Cambridge University.” [A30][W64]

“Oh, I didn’t know. What happened?” he asked, inviting me to explain.

“Cecile Kyenge admitted with her own voice during a television interview that without the help of the Bishop and his network of friends in the Public Offices, she would have never had the documents she needed to fulfill her plan.”

“What was it?”

“She is originally from Congo and needed visa, passport and funding for her University Degree. During the interview she also admitted that she knew it was illegal what she was doing but the Bishop is a master concerning morality, and if he couldn’t see anything wrong, why should she? Definitely the bishop was not feeling deceitful or fraudulent but compassionate and helpful. Later Ms Kyenge also became a Member of Parliament and then Minister for Integration, which was part of the Ministry for Equal Opportunities. In fact in Italy also forgers and counterfeiters have the rights for equal opportunities, and obviously her confession was only further evidence that she is honest.”

“This is crazy” he said smiling. “Is this true?” he asked as a remark looking for reassurance I was not kidding.

“Yes it's real” I said encouraging him to believe the information. “The interview is still available from YouTube and also from the website of the Italian National Television channel RAI3 [A15], in addition through Google [A16] you may find the newspapers, also in English. Not long ago this story was in the news all over Europe, because she actually is Member of the European Parliament and the people complaining the morality of the Bishop have been accused of being racist because of Kyenge’s origin and her somatic traits. In reality she is very well integrated, especially with the Italian Catholic Mafia manipulating documents in the Public Offices, and this is nothing to do with the colour of the skin or racism, just Mafia.

On the other hand, in similar circumstances Italians do things differently, perhaps like Giulio Regeni did. In fact Wikipedia [W64] doesn’t say this but Giulio has been able to register at Oxford without having any real diploma or degree that would have enabled him to register at any University. In the early articles I have read from the News [A30] it clearly emerged that Giulio only had the Italian GCSE, which he finished at 13 years of age as everyone. With that diploma he couldn’t register for any University except for the United World College in New Mexico, where he spent two years, and from there he had the papers to register at Oxford. The United World College is the only school he could have registered with, and from there he found recommendations for diplomas and degrees he never had; two years in New Mexico with the priests was all he needed to register at Oxford and then Cambridge. But later he was murdered in Cairo doing research about Trade Union in Egypt.”

“Wow, that is sad” he commented.

“Yes, it is, and even sadder was his family calling for Justice. But I have to repeat myself; I wouldn’t want to give the wrong impression. The problem is not these two cases I have introduced or the many they stand for; the problem is the tradition of holy scams and blackmail, in fact they print fake passports and degrees for friends, while blackmailing honest people for the documents they have rights to. The problem are the true degrees and the lawsuits that vanish into thin air, in the Courtrooms, and the lives of honest people blackmailed and tormented by this brotherhood of gangsters pretending to be above the law.”

“I can see, it's all about God and Caesar, but try to imagine for a moment Regeni’s mother, what she may feel”.

“After undermining the Law and pretending to be above it, calling for the Secular Ideals of Justice doesn’t sound right, does it? I wonder was she praying to God or the priests? She was so proud when that dodgy College in New Mexico chose Giulio for the Baccalaureate Course, and helped him with the shortcut to Oxford. Now, try to imagine if Giulio or Ms Kyenge were asked for a favour, after such favours they received. Do you believe they could refuse to help the brotherhood back, by helping someone else like them, with some more dodgy documents from the Public Offices? Do you believe they could refuse, or would be blackmailed and forced into it? Do you believe they would be loyal to the law of Caesar, or to the brotherhood?”

“I can see this, yes” he said with a nod.

“Now the family of Giulio may be told that Giulio didn’t have the prerequisite to join any University but only favours from priests and recommendations for diplomas and degrees he never had. But she could also be told that Giulio was just another good fascist, pretending to transform the Secular Ideals into Catholic Legacy. In fact, a Catholic College would never disclose any Secular Value in their lectures and it would be a profanity, especially concerning the Secular Values of Justice; nonetheless in his mind he was doing Trade Unions studies, as if Trade Unions and Secular Justice could have possibly ever been Catholic Legacy.

But, as you said, it's all about God and Caesar” I said shaking the book of McIntire in my hand once again.

“I understand what you’re saying” he said with a nod.

“Ok. Play this game. Put yourself in the shoes of someone working in the office at the University; I filled the forms claiming I have a Degree at Verona University, but later the professors from Verona did not confirm the documents I gave you, with their signature on it, what would you do? Would you believe them or me?

Put the case I told you that I am Luca, but also the Consulate was not to confirm any of the legal documents they have issued shortly before, would you believe them or me?”

“I understand what you are saying, they are the authorities, but this is not supposed to happen. This is intolerable, unacceptable; how was it possible for someone to do all of this and get away with it?”

“Well, it is possible that they make the documents, and then reject your complaint. It is possible because they write it, with the stamps of the State, and then they will force you to conform like a puppet to whatever they wrote, and if you resist, if you don’t comply, you are resisting to Public Officers. They can reinvent you on paper, like a character of a novel, and prosecute you for the story they wrote. Because they don’t lie; they are reliable Institutions, and if they didn’t confirm your degree it is only because you don’t have one, and if you don’t stop pretending to have Justice and Rights that you don’t have, you may also be arrested.

The Italian Offices made my degree vanish into thin air, they made me into an impostor, and then, after years, when it came out I was not a liar but a victim, I was accused of having good reasons to organize revenge, retaliation, and could have taken Justice into my hands and plot terrorist attacks. But I was just claiming my rights, and the only people to gain something from these false accusations were the same people who vanished my papers in the first place.

I have asked a number of times if they could have taken me to Court, to see if I had rights to my personal documents, and to see if at any point they ever had any right to do anything of what they were doing; but they rather prefer to isolate and suspend all the Legal Rights of their victims, overcoming all boundaries for abuses and defamation. I have been vilified, tormented and tortured in the name of such High Moral Values above the law, just to cover up a bunch of gangsters, and actually I have no intention to forget what they have done.

It is obvious, all of this is possible only because Legal Suits are swept under the carpet, and the victims of the Institutions are systematically prevented from Justice, in the name of which kind of respectability and High Moral Value above the law common people cannot have, but Institutions can.

This is the Public Administration, and if they don’t confirm that you have a degree you had better vanish before they make you vanish altogether with the papers. They can force you to live in a nightmare, in which you are not Luca anymore, and you will never have the chance to claim your rights because they act in the name of the Public Order and Safety and have Reason of State on their side. Do you believe Dr David Kelly was as unreliable as Tony Blair [W68] was pretending? Do you remember Dr David Kelly [W55], the weapon expert?” I asked, trying to express the violence of the false accusations and slander Dr Kelly had to suffer while defending his opinion under his personal responsibility.

“I do remember; it was at the time of the war in Iraq and the Hutton Inquiry [W70][A32], wasn't it?”

“Dr Kelly was just trying to be responsible for his own opinion as a consultant, but Tony Blair was demanding a different response, legitimating the invasion, so that he could have blamed Kelly if no weapons of mass destruction were found later.

The domesticated consulting Tony Blair was expecting from Kelly, Tony had to find from the NHS, in order to legally certify that Dr. Kelly was insane and suicidal, and his report unreliable.

Now, knowing of the well-organized racket behind Kyenge, Regeni and the many more friends they have in the offices, do you believe any of them receiving favours could refuse to help the brotherhood in return, or would they rather be blackmailed and forced into it?

“Yes; I can see that happening” he commented dismayed.

“In a similar way they said I was inventing stories, and that I was suicidal, as a threat, while forcing me into a paperless situation that was never resolved. I have been deprived of my civil rights and they made it impossible for me to hire a lawyer. In fact I was told that because I didn't have a passport I couldn't hire a lawyer either.

I would really like to ask Mr Tony Blair if he was concerned about Civil Rights in Europe or the Law of Man when my papers went missing, or was he rather motivated to cover up his friends in the public offices, faking documents in the name of his Moral Leader above the law. In fact I am definitely sure that my name is Luca, but they can fake your name and charge you as if you were the impostor; there is no control and no way to complain.

But it has to be clear, they do this to protect society from dangerous criminals, and with this motivation they justify whatever they do, and for instance in my case they had to deal with someone pretending to be Luca, against their will, and the will of God. They can make you paperless, and force you to live as a paperless, within the confines of their lies, the true lies of the Institutions.

Maybe it sounds like a story of the Godfather, but this is worse. Yes, this story is exposing a millenary system of Corruption pretending to blackmail people for documents they have rights to, but this is not the only way corruption works. Corruption is not just money for favours or papers; if someone gives you documents you have no rights for, later you will be blackmailed, and forced to obey the brotherhood, whatever they will ask you, forever. This is all they want from you; to control you like a puppet, forever.”

“I can see this, yes; and your family? I believe you have a family, couldn’t they help you with this? He asked again.

“I am not sure I want my family getting involved with this. Years ago my mother called the office in Milan about the passport, but she was told to go there personally because the office couldn’t provide information on the telephone. So, she took 3 hours by train to go to the office and once there she was told to tell me to go there, because they couldn’t provide her any information and basically she wasted her time. I have to do this myself.

After a while my mother suggested that I should forget what had happened, but if I were to forget it, she would have to forget she had a son, because I am pretty sure I was at the University of Verona, and I have passed all my exams.”

“This is awful to hear” he commented.

“You are right, but if I had to take that advice, I couldn’t take only the part she liked. If I am not Luca, degree at the Verona University, in evidence I cannot be her son either, because I know I was at the Verona University and her son was not.

About the degree the story was in the Verona daily newspaper, L’Arena di Verona, long before they made a paperless and a terrorist out of me, but what did it matter? The Prosecutor in Verona Mr Guido Papalia after more than one year dismissed the case because the vanishing of my degree was an Act of God, like my degree was in the hands of God and not in those of the Godfather, the guardian of the Archives. Also the European Office OLAF didn’t believe it was an Act of God, and sent my Legal Claim to the Court of Justice in Milan but also the Prosecutor Corrado Carnevali flushed the legal suit down the loo, like his colleague the prosecutor in Verona did sometime before.”

“This is really a nightmare. I understand why you prefer to leave your family out of this, but what are you doing then?”

“Now I do videos on YouTube, repeating on the Internet the Legal Claims the prosecutors caused to vanish from the Courts of Justice. Recently I have made a video to expose once again this system of corruption, and the Italian Government has banned it. It is so obvious some Moral Authority must have seen the video in order to ban it; I wonder how they could ban the video, without watching it, and without investigating the claim in it.

The video was addressed to the new nominated Head of the Police Alessandro Pansa [A28], with the hope he could find the Legal Claims hiding under the carpets. The video was showing the Minister for Justice Paola Severino [A18] reporting a backlog of 9 millions Legal Claims, stocked in the archives of the Courts of Justice; a number equal to 15% of the entire population. Plus you have to add the best cases, lurking under the carpets, to make sense of the morality of the Judicial System.

I also tried with defamation of character, to be sued for insulting the people involved in the happenings, but also this approach didn’t get the expected result; probably because I am simply telling the truth, and this is not defamation but certified reality, nobody ever took the trouble to resolve this mess. It is a legally certified mess with the signature of the most honourable professors and reliable institutions, but nobody could ever find the time of day to look into it, for the sake of respect for the law, or Justice.

In conclusion, they cover up each other the same as gangsters do, but if I say that the Prosecutor Corrado Carnevali is a mobster, and a liar, like all the other people involved, nobody will complain to the Court for defamation because what I am saying is true.

I don’t see many options. Either the European Union imposes Justice by the code of the law of man, also to mobsters and to counterfeiters with high moral values above the law, or Europe exposes itself as an accomplice of this mafia, demonstrating the kind of civilized place Europe is, able to offer refuge to any refugee but unable to guarantee personal documents to the European citizens.

“In what language do you do your videos, in English or Italian?” he asked.

“I have some in Italian, and some in English.”

“I would like to watch some” he said, picking the smartphone out of his pocket. “Can you find it?” he asked.

“I have a few channels on YouTube. Let me see. This may be a bit harsh, but it well represents the situation I had to face” I said, and then I clicked to start the video.

“Is this Aisling talking?” he asked.

“Yes, she helped me out with this video. We made a kind of interview” I said, and I restarted the video.

The Transcript of the video (Aisling): [A10]

Aisling: Hi Luca why did you come to England?

Me: I had a PhD offer from Leeds University

Aisling: And what happened then?

Me: Shortly after I arrived in England I had my passport stolen. I did go immediately to the Italian consulate and paid to start the procedure for a new passport but after almost one year I was informed I was not to have a new passport because I was cancelled from the population list

Aisling: Have you had a passport since then?

Me: No

Aisling: And what happened with the PhD offer?

Me: To register for the PhD offer I had to go again to the Italian consulate, this time to the legal office for the legal translation of my degree, with more stamps certified with the apostille. But later the professors in the picture of my degree ceremony, the professors Emilio Tiberi and Bianca De Bernardi, of the University of Verona, did not confirm to Leeds University the degree they have issued with signature stamps and photograph and made me into an impression, a counterfeiter

Aisling: Did you report this situation to the Italian consulate?

Me: Yes I did, but the Consulate refused to send the report to the relevant offices in Italy. They are not responsible for the documents they issue, with their signature on it

Aisling: What about travelling in the EU without a passport?

Me: The European commission OLAF later sent a report to the Court of Justice in Milan, exactly concerning my rights for travelling since I was clearly prevented from doing so without a passport, and also concerning my rights to have confirmation of my degree and fulfil the PhD opportunity I was offered. But the Prosecutor Corrado Carnevali has swept the report in the bin in order to preserve such high moral values above the law, the best of the Italian national tradition and culture

Aisling: So what happened then?

Me: If I told you that I am Luca Benatti, and the consul was to tell you that there is no such person as Luca Benatti, would you believe me or the consul? And if I told you that I have a degree from Verona University, but the professors from Verona did not confirm the degree they have issued, would you believe them or me? I am telling you, they fake documents in public offices, intentionally and systematically. In Italy the true degree becomes fake, and the fake become true, like acts of God, with the only difference that these are not by chance. They made me paperless like an illegal immigrant, and they did it with their signatures and stamps. And after redesigning my life with a new identity as a paperless person, they also had the courage to inform the police, and to pretend their victims should conform with their will, or they should be isolated, defamed, vilified tormented and tortured, as they did to me.

The screen of the smartphone turned black, and a creepy music started.

“The conversation with Aisling is ended” I said speaking over the video still running. “Now there is the recording of the conversation with Dissanayaka. This is what the authorities do to make their living, they cover up each other” I said trying to explain.

“I have seen it is changing; let me hear it” he said, asking for silence.

The music ended with a fading tolling bell, introducing the voice of Dissanayaka speaking.

The Transcript of the video (Dissanayaka): [A10]

Nuwan Dissanayaka: What we tried to do is establish what we think about the things we were told at the beginning. You are no different, I agree with you. But what we were told at the beginning …

Me: (what??)

Nuwan Dissanayaka: All of this things, from the beginning we were told that you have mental illness, we are told that you are very risky, we were told all of these things.

Margaret: Yes, all of these things.

Nuwan Dissanayaka: And since that time what we have done, we have seen you on a regular basis, you have been kind enough to agree even if you didn't see the merit of doing so at the beginning, to see if there was anything we could see in term of illness, but also to try to support you with the things that you wanted to do, to get a bit more established and to be generally a bit happier with the way things are, not that... I know it won’t make you happier, is not even whether. It Is not, you know, it is a different thing isn't it?

Now, throughout the time we have seen you, my honest opinion of what I think, I believe in being honest, is that I don't see that you have an illness. What I see is that you had very difficult circumstances to have to deal with.

In terms of what we do, you know, we have a lack of illness going on. If we are not doing any psychological interventions that is relevant to any of these things, if we are not doing anything else than what are we doing?

Me: What are we dealing with?

Nuwan Dissanayaka: (over my voice) If you say, If you say that we, that you are the same person that you were before.

Me: I have never changed.

Nuwan Dissanayaka: But our response to you has changed, and the reason has changed is because we needed to establish ourselves

Me: What I find very funny is that nobody of you ever asked himself how could a person live in this situation, with no passport, with degree cancelled, job opportunity cancelled

Nuwan Dissanayaka: (over my voice) how do you know? How do you know that nobody asked themselves these questions? I asked myself these questions. I think it is an intolerable way to have to live…

I think, it is an intolerable way to have to live.

I think, it is an intolerable way to have to live.

I think, it is an intolerable way to have to live.

[End of the Video]

The video ended repeating the last sentence of Dissanayaka, fading in the silence of the park.

“Who is this man, with whom you had this conversation?” Jason asked, after a few moments.

“That was the recording I made with my mp3 player, after the anti-terror Police arrived and I was arrested. Did you hear what he said? That was Dissanayaka, the Psychiatrist for the Forensic Assessment, informing me that someone was accusing me of being a risk to society, and not the opposite way around. He never mentioned the name of the people accusing me of having a mental illness and being a terrorist plotting revenge and massacres. This is my true and documented experience; one day I received a PhD offer, and the next day I was paperless like an illegal immigrant, with a bunch of mobsters making up a story just to cover up their crimes. It was not by chance these honest informants never said a word concerning the vanishing of my personal documents, but only defamed and slandered me, just to cover up the situation I was reporting since the start a few years before. Definitely the Police should have paid more attention distinguishing the victims from the offenders. It wasn’t me who was the criminal, but these anonymous informants, fabricating documents in public office and then accusing their victims with false accusations. This is what happened, and then the Police cover them up, because everything truly happened with the best intentions, and their worries were well justified by the evidence I was paperless. Like making people paperless, or false accusations, could possibly be legal” I said, still with a bitter taste in my mouth. “They made me paperless, and then victimized and tormented me, trying to make me to conform to their will. In fact, despite the evidence, the Public Administration doesn’t cause documents to vanish in the offices, and if my personal documents couldn’t find confirmation the only possible reason could be me, being an impostor. Isn’t it? Because Italians are dodgy!”

“This is awful, a nightmare. When did it happen, all of this?” he asked again.

“About 10 years ago.”

“And then, what happened with the Police? What did they do?”

“The police were not concerned about the illegalities I was victim of. To them it didn’t matter I was paperless and targeted with false accusations; their only concern was to impose all these illegalities on me, as it could possibly be legal. I was arrested, and then you heard from his voice what Dissanayaka said, «There is a lack of illness going on, what are we doing here?» It was so obvious both the Police and the Psychiatrist were completely unaware of the target of their mission, which was to isolate, vilify, torment and torture the victims of their honest and reliable colleagues, anonymous informants tampering documents in the offices.”

“Do you know who did this to you?” he asked

“A bunch of Anonymous Informants with High Moral Values above the law, good enough to mislead the Police into pursuing the victims rather than the offenders. I would bet the same people responsible for my documents were also the same responsible for the false accusations; they made me into an impostor, and nobody ever asked them to prove their accusations, or to be responsible for their actions.”

“What you are saying is ruthless, and then what happened? Did you get your passport in the end?”

“No” I said smiling. “When it became clear I had no weapons of mass destruction, but I was rather the victim of false and unsubstantiated accusations, the Police gave up and didn’t take any action, leaving the scene of the investigation as they found it.

But you imagine from the start I had to go to the Consulate for the Legal translation of my Degree, and then the Professors in the photograph of the degree ceremony didn’t confirm the documents they have issued. They knew the photographer was taking pictures in front of a number of people and friends, but what did it matter? The offices are far above all of this; they can make you vanish, with their signatures, and then pretend it was an Act of God and blame you for being the problem. Could you imagine this? Imagine it happened to you, what would you do? Imagine someone comes to you and tells you that you are not Jason, and you are pretending to be Jason, and you may be a risk to society, and they have to take care of you. You imagine being there for real, taking notes and taping them because, despite the fact that it is in front of you and you are living it, you cannot believe it yourself what is going on. Try to put yourself into these shoes.”

“I can see what you are saying. The offices supposed to help you in the situation and provide your personal documents, in reality made you paperless, and you had no place to go to claim your rights. In your shoes probably I would have done the same as you did, and I would have had to pass through a very difficult time; also that man in the video said exactly these same words. It was really outrageous and unbelievable you had to pass through this.”

“I agree it was outrageous, especially because what was intolerable for Dissanayaka could be imposed on me as a normal situation to be accepted. What the fuck is this shit? Where is it, the moral integrity of these kind of people, never responsible for what they do and pretending to judge concerning being responsible and distinguish good from bad? What about this side of reality, when the intolerable may be imposed on the victims of abuses and crimes perpetrated in the name of what? Was that the law of man they enforced, or the High Moral Values of the System of Corruption blackmailing people for documents people had rights to?”

“That was a mess; really hard to believe” he said. “You did it right to record the conversation and make a video with it; all of this, is really hard to believe. Yes, that man to help you should have informed the Police; but you said the Police came just before him, and were not bothered about your personal documents. Also the Italian Consulate should have helped you, but how?”

“Well, after my personal documents were vanished into thin air, definitely it was not the Italian Consulate going to defend my rights; it was the Consulate that made me paperless, and the others just covered up of the situation, slandering and vilifying the victims.

Also a few years before, when I contacted the Citizen Advice Bureau for advice, they also found it difficult to believe I was still waiting for the replacement of my passport after almost two years, and suggested I talk to a solicitor. So I did, and later the solicitor with a letter informed me that the Italian Consulate would have been pleased to provide the passport for which I already paid in advance, but despite what the solicitor said in writing I never received the passport anyway, or any temporary replacement.

So, after a few months, as a last resort I went to the emergency department of the hospital, asking what I was supposed to do because I was paperless and the situation was deeply detrimental and preventing also the possibility to travel back home. I asked for a witness to see the unacceptable situation I was forced into, but the doctor in the emergency department believed I was inventing something. «Italy is a Civilized place» she said, and I was arrested because the reality I was reporting was not as socially acceptable as her imagination, and as an immediate consequence of that belief, in a matter of minutes I had to repeat the story all over again to Dr. Buller, the Psychiatrist on duty I had to explain again that I had no passport and the situation was causing several problems. I explained the Citizen Advice Bureau invited me to contact the Solicitor Hyams, but I only had the renewal of old promises rather then the new ID I had to pay for in advance to the Consulate in 2002, immediately after the theft. And last, I had to explain the integrity of the professors in the photograph of my degree ceremony not confirming the degree they have issued with their signatures, stamps and photographs, and turning me into an impostor.

The next day Dr Buller verified the situation, also contacting the University, and when the interpreter arrived and confirmed the documents from the Consulate exactly as I was reporting, Dr Buller stated it was his opinion and the opinion of the clinical team that I didn’t have any psychological or psychiatric issue to justify me being there, and I was dismissed. This is what Dr Buller stated in June 2004, 2 years after I was paperless. But in conclusion, when the socially unacceptable situation became a true reality, that situation was imposed on me as a normal situation to be accepted.”

“I can see what you mean; the Psychiatrist should have called the Police from the start, at least to inform them of your struggle. How long could you wait for your documents?”

“This is what I was after. The emergency service have a duty to report to the Police the crimes they become aware, and my intention was to report the situation as intolerable as it was; so intolerable they also couldn’t believe it from the start. In fact being paperless is a breach of Human Rights, because it reduces people to slavery; because it impedes normal life, like registering for the PhD I was offered, or even going back home. Nevertheless I was dismissed, like the intolerable situation I was forced into, could be legally imposed on me. Also the solicitor Hyams was useless; what was I supposed to do?

Then following year, in July 2005, the European Office OLAF sent my complaint to the Court of Justice in Milan reporting the situation of my personal documents and my freedom to fulfill the opportunity I was offered, but the Prosecutor Corrado Carnevali swept the case under the carpet, because it had never happened, and eventually it was nothing like corruption or blackmail but an Act of God, absolutely out of his jurisdiction. Then, in October 2006 I decided to write to the MP for High Education Bill Rammell, inviting to report the situation to the European Offices, and find a solution.”

“And what happened?” he asked curious, like if I said something he also would have tried.

“The reply said there was nothing he could have done, and suggested to contact a solicitor in Italy. Then, a few days later I was arrested, because someone had the insolence to pretend I could have been deluded and organized revenge, and turn into a terrorist, and plot mass murders as consequence of the situation I was reporting and complaining as unjust and illegal. Since then, they went on and on with false accusations until they reported me to the Anti Terror Police and Dissanayaka arrived for his Forensic Assessment.

You heard what he said, did you? «We are told that you are risky» and then, «There is a lack of illness going on, what are we doing here?» I told him from the start about the High Moral Values of these false and anonymous accusations he took into so much consideration. I also asked him «What are we dealing with?» to recall the system of mafia and corruption and blackmails I was complaining, against the evidence of my rights to my personal documents.

During that meeting we have just listened to he didn’t say the name of the mysterious informants, but what if they were not anonymous at all. I well remember Claire Flannigan providing her professional advices and informing Dissanayaka personally. There was also a Policeman present at that meeting, but obviously they preferred to resolve the situation in accordance with their notion of good and evil, and as consequence of such morality I was handed over to Dissanayaka in high security as a potential terrorist.

Do you see? It is only old style witch-hunting. They don’t need to prove their accusations, and you may be held responsible for what you may do, but not them, for the crimes in evidence they have perpetrated. They vanish people into thin air, in the office, and then pretend the victims are the problem, and should be isolated. This is what they do, and whatever paranoia they have, it will become a real threat to your own life, despite the only evidence is their own fear, motivated by the abuses, illegalities and crimes they know they have perpetrated, intentionally. They know the violence, lies and cover-up they are responsible for, and in this perspective Flannigan never had to sign anything; she always made someone else do the job for her, like Dissanayaka for instance also did.”

“And after all of this, you still have no passport” he asked, expressing his concern.

“Yes, still today I have no passport” I replied.

“Let me say, it is really intolerable; they really gave you a hard time” he said repeating again. “I am concerned; and this is disturbing. Because this problem you had, it was all about personal documents, but it is so obvious you exist. I mean, how could someone be paperless? It must be an impostor, but in all cases it would be an infringement of the law. Why didn’t the Police do anything?” he asked again.

“Don’t ask me, I am only the victim. From my perspective the best part was Dissanayaka saying that the situation was intolerable, but after all, the intolerable could be imposed on me as a standard, like it could possibly be a normal situation to be accepted. It is also illegal! Tell me they are not criminals and are not aware of what they do.

Anyway, after all of this I still have no passport, I cannot travel, and the people responsible for these documents and false accusations never had a problem about what they have done. It was as if they had a right to do it; as if they could be above the law and make people vanish. Do you believe I am free to travel without my passport? And what about accusing the victims, just to pervert the course of Justice? I have been tortured while these mobsters continue blackmailing their victims, exactly in the same way, in the name of the same High Moral Values above the law. Is this absolute power, or what?” I asked, shaking the book of McIntire in the air.

“Good luck the European Union is committed to guaranteeing Civil Rights, Passports and Freedom to travel to the European Citizens; I wonder if it works for everybody or only for people like Kyenge, Regeni and their friends.”

“It won’t be easy to expose all of this, and probably the Government itself would stop your Claim for Justice, as they did before.”

“If we don’t have rights to our personal documents, what rights do we really have? Try to imagine someone makes you vanish, and you have to live like a paperless person just to make real their dream of omnipotence or whatever paranoia they may have. Imagine being acknowledged that the situation is intolerable but it is also too much to cope with. So leave as it is; carry on sweeping people under the carpet.”

“I understand what you are saying” he said smiling. “It is a catch-22. There is no way out. They make you paperless, and then pretend the problem is you.”

“Yes, and how to take this mafia to Court, if the Courts vanish the Legal Claims into thin air, or under the carpets? The European Union itself has sent my Legal Claim to the Court in Milan, and the Court dismissed the case, like it never happened, or worst, like God was the only one responsible for the vanishing of my documents.

At this time, looking at Kyenge, Regeni and their friends, I am to believe this mafia is promoted in Europe as Culture and Tradition, like a revival of the dark ages, when Europe was all united.

The European Union! What a shame! Sometime ago I wrote to the European Union; I should write again and ask if this is the case, but I had reply only from Jean Kutten.”

“Who is Jean Kutten?” he asked.

“At the time he was member of the staff of the European Green Party. After one year I was waiting I contacted the European Parliament, and concerning the problems I was having with my personal documents Jean forwarded my email to two Italian members of the Parliament, Andrea Vettori and Monica Frassoni.”

“That was good of him, and then what happened?”

“Nothing happened. The Italian EUMPs never replied to the email. Probably the Italian EUMPs didn’t like to be involved with friends of friends, faking documents in Public Offices. They could be blackmailed as well, and get into trouble. I told you, sometime ago I made a video on YouTube repeating the legal claim the OLAF office sent to the Court in Milan, and later the Italian Government has banned the video.”

“You mean YouTube has banned the video.”

“No. The Italian Government banned the video; it is banned in Italy only. YouTube never had any reason to ban it, because there are no copyrights infringements. It is only in Italy people cannot watch it, and the problem is the Italian Censorship, sweeping from the Internet the complaints repeating the legal claims swept under the carpets in the Courts of Justice.”

“Thank Goodness there is YouTube then, but what you are saying is outrageous; and after all of this, you still have the same problem. For how long?”

“By now, more then 10 years. My passport was stolen in 2002.”

“It was a good part of your life. Sure this story has changed your life; I can see why you like this book of McIntire” he said, but on the spot I couldn’t answer.

“I don’t know about refugees and illegal immigrants, but for sure people made paperless in Europe by European Countries don’t have any rights at all, not even to report the crimes they are victims of.”

“Sorry for my curiosity but, have you ever been involved with Politics, or Religion, or anything to justify a kind of retaliation like this” he asked.

“No, I have no Religious beliefs. I like History, and Philosophy, Science, Arts, but never were Religion or Politics within my hobbies or passions, ever.”

“May I give you an extra nightmare? What if Amazon-Kindle was to ban your book, like has happened with the video on the YouTube. I have seen banned books on Kindle and Amazon before, and yours wouldn’t be the first one.” he said, with a convincing expression.

“I don’t think so; I hope not” I said rejecting the idea. “Eventually the Italian Government may ban it in Italy, where they have jurisdiction, but cannot ban it from Amazon. Like YouTube, Kindle and CreateSpace have no real reasons to ban it; why should it be banned? I am only writing about the High Moral Values inspiring our Courts of Justice to the Trust in God they have, rather than the Justice and Morality coming from the Law of Man, which is actually the meaning of the Law, against violence and abuses of intentional criminals pretending to be above the Law.

Why should my book be banned?” I asked again, almost reassuring myself there would be no reason. The Satanic Verses of Salman Rushdie wasn't banned, but eventually was encouraged and promoted in the name of western freedom of speech. What is this? The western democracy now has a problem exploring the reasons why we would be better trust in God for Justice, in the after-life, rather than the law of man on this side of the grave? Try to explain they didn’t know what they were doing, making my documents vanish and tormenting me for years and years. Try to explain what is intolerable for Dissanayaka can be imposed on me as a standard.

I cannot really see any reason why Kindle or anybody should ban it. This book is well documented, is not fiction, and I am not inventing anything; I am simply reflecting on the Values of Justice, corruption, and the Morality of the best education we could find in the schoolbooks. I understand that the people making their living out of this System of Values may be disappointed, but I don’t believe anybody ever asked how the Catholic Heresies became Catholic Legacy.”

“Your book may be banned exactly for the same reasons also the schoolbooks banned these meanings in the first place. Maybe they will take you to Court.”

“Well, going to Court is exactly what I want. I would love to know if I had the rights to my personal documents.”

“You don’t need to go to Court for that. Of course you have those rights, but just like you, probably a number of people had their papers vanished. But you have mentioned the Catholic Heresies; Heresies are good reasons to ban books, don’t you know? And what do you mean exactly by Catholic Heresies?” he asked.

“The Secular Value of Justice as we said, from the book of McIntire, is one of the best Catholic Heresy; but also the Freedom of Choice and the Freedom of Thought are Catholic Heresies. The problem doesn't really concern theoretical heresies but practical obedience. All they want is obedience, undisputed obedience and Absolute Power. In fact the freedom of thought and freedom of choice are the essential part of human nature, as God made it. It was God to make us all different from each other, but they don't like it; they want us like puppets. Just obedience, and absolute Power, to do as it better suit them.

I'll tell you a story to outline a few points.

When the early Christians arrived in Rome, Rome was a polytheistic town with a number of Gods from all over the provinces. One God more or less was not to make any difference, and all cults were contributing peacefully to the Public good. Then the Christians arrived, demanding exclusive worship, disrespecting the other cults and cultures, and pretending the law of Rome was not the true law to obey but there would be another law to obey above it.

It was exactly the pretence of having higher moral values above the law to make them uncivilized barbarians, and narrow-minded, unable to accept that different people may have different cults and beliefs. Nevertheless they do exactly the same today, exactly for the same reasons: the Moral Supremacy of God above the Laws of Man. What a surprise if our personal identity may be wiped out, and also our name may be taken from us. There is no right we may really claim, and the only concessions we have for Justice are confined to the afterlife!

Why do you believe the Prosecutor dismissed the case stating the vanishing of my personal documents was an Act of God? There was their signature on it, not God’s, but in their view they talk on behalf of God, they tell us God’s Will, and have High Moral Values above the Laws and good reasons we cannot understand. I don’t really know why we still have Courts of Justice, since it is Catholic belief the Law of Man is not the true Law to obey, and we are meant to be just like puppets, with no rights and no freedoms.

Why be surprised if the Public Offices blackmail people for documents people have rights to, and the Courts of Justice vanish the lawsuits reporting the system of corruption and mafia. You imagine in Italy the medical assistance for abortion was legalized after a referendum, but over 70% of doctors and pharmacists refuse to provide their assistance, and 100% of the Prosecutors in the Courts of Justice tolerate this disruption of Public Service. The problem isn’t just the office for degrees, or passports, and the Courts of Justice are just useless if not to acknowledge us and remark the origin of the High Moral Values they enforce, not by the Law but God's Will, despite the Courts are paid to defend and apply the Law of man against the aggression of criminals pretending to be above it.”

“Do you believe in God?” he asked.

“I cannot really tell, but I know for sure the Earth will always be a polytheistic place. Looking at the Bible printed in the Sky, the Bible of the Book of Nature, eventually we could say it was God who made us all different, with different opinions, but concerning the God of the Catholic Holy Scripture I don’t know. The only evidence I see is that his followers are still the same uncivilized barbarians they were when they first arrived in Rome; a bunch of mobsters with High Moral Values above the Law. Can you see, it is all about High Moral Values above the law, corroding the Institutions from the inside?”

I looked over the trees; the sun was on its way to disappearing behind the line of the horizon, and it was time to go home.

“Uncivilized barbarians, with High moral values above the law” he said smiling; “Let me say, you have quite a story to tell. I will stop by again to know more about the book of McIntire. I like to know the end.”

“Me too” I replied with a nod. “See you later” I said, and then I made my way following the direction of the stars in the sunset.