The Bible and the Satanic Verses

That morning I made my way to the park earlier than usual but even so Aisling was already there, reading a magazine on the bench. Also the sun in the clear blue sky was promising a beautiful day, and my delight couldn’t find any resistance.

“Hi” I said, “What a nice day for a walk in the Park, isn’t it?”

“Oh, here you are. I have been waiting for you” she said, closing the magazine and looking up in my direction. “Do you remember the Satanic Verses [A1] of Salman Rushdie?’ she asked, with a thoughtful expression. “Would that be possible to do the same controversy about the Bible?”

One of the gardeners was moving the soil around the flowers, and a delicate wind was carrying the perfumes all around, suggesting that our roots may also need some oxygen and attention.

“Sure it is possible,” I said, “But already there exist several different versions of the Bible, also stating the opposite of each other, and this is the reason why the Bible is the most controversial book of all. Already there exist several different interpretations of the same text, and also there exist Bibles made of completely different text and meaning. There is no Version of the Bible absolutely true to pick on, like Rushdie did, but really there is a collection of different Bibles contradicting each other, and in this scenario what are Heresies and Blasphemies to some Christians, are Values and Holy Words to other Christians, and they would die for them.”

“And what about the Satanic Verses of the Bible? Would that be possible?” she asked again, revealing some impatience and disappointment.

“Sure it is, but it is not exactly the same. For Rushdie it was possible to quote the Quran, but for the Bible [W1] [W7][W37] what version would you quote? I never heard of the Satanic Verses of the Bible but I am sure someone heard of it, even before the New Testament was ever assembled. For clarity, what would you take into consideration? The Old Testament is not an original Christian writing, and was made long before the arrival of Jesus, long before Christianity ever existed.”

“I know this. I know the Old Testament resemble the Tanakh, the Bible of the Jew. No, I don’t mean the Genesis, or the Old Testament” she said, “I mean the true original Christian Bible, which is the New Testament with the Gospels of the Apostles.”

“Yes but, even if we admitted that Jesus really existed, and was the Son of God, even with this concession if you consider 8 Apostles out of 12 have been wiped out of the New Testament, how could you take into consideration the authenticity of it? Each of the Apostles was a messenger divulging the life of Jesus, this is what the Apostles were all about, advocates and teachers of the new Christian Religion. Each of the Apostles has been narrating and divulged the life of Jesus, and passed on his memories in writing, by himself, or by witnesses or disciples. Each of them had records in writing of their direct memories, with the personal experience and the episodes of the life of Jesus they have witnessed. I believe each of the Apostles had his own Gospel, one way or another, like also Judas and Mary Magdalene had their own, but many more were made. So? How is it now, that there are only 4 Gospels in the New Testament of the Bible? In reality, most of the original Christian experience has been wiped out from the New Testament, and from what is left over it will be difficult to find any Satanic Verses never pointed out before. Unless…”

“Right, I got it” she said, taking over. “There is no comparison with the Satanic Verses, but the controversial points are charted within the several different versions and interpretations of the Bible. And what about listing these differences? Would that make sense in terms of the Satanic Verses?” she asked.

“Perhaps, but the essence of the Satanic Verses of the Bible concerns Philosophy more than Religion, and will go far beyond the interpretation of a few words of the Bible. The meaning of the Satanic Verses of the Bible is not to be found in any version of the Bible, because the matter is not one of Religion but of Philosophy, pushing the intellectual limits of human conscience and comprehension far beyond the limits of the blind belief of Religion. The true heresies don’t concern Religion, however we interpret the Bible or the New Testament, but rather concern philosophical doubts and the freedom of having a personal opinion, the freedom of thought, the freedom for curiosity and knowledge, and never mean the Bible or Religion. Eventually one may dispute the arrogance of some intolerant Religious authority pretending to be infallible [W2] and to talk in the name of God, but also in this case the heresies don’t concern the Bible but what people do in the name of their Religion.

If you are after the backbone of Christianity, and require an intellectual compass to find secure directions concerning the essence and disputes over the New Testament, you should ask yourself what the Catholic Heresies are, and how the Catholic Heresies could become Catholic Legacy?”

“What?” she asked, with a look of surprise. “What are the Catholic Heresies? And why? The original Christian Legacy is in the New Testament, I can understand that, but I meant the Christian Satanic Verses, not just the Catholic ones. Why the Catholic Heresies now? What is it? Witches and magic?” she asked again, not sure about my answer.

“Because the different Christian Cults have different Values, and the values for one person may be heresies and blasphemies for someone else: Christianity doesn’t share the same values. On the other hand the Catholic Heresies are essential to see how the Christian Cults unfolded along the centuries. The Roman Catholic Church has the list of all the heresies they have persecuted throughout history, and from that list it would be easier to see the differences and the Moral Values in discussion, with Saint Peter or Martin Luther perhaps. Forget the strictly religious and theological matters like the nature of God and the Trinity; there are much more important issues to disclose, important to all and not to the believers only.”

“What is it?” she asked confused. “What may be more important than God, in religious matters?”

“Actually there are a few things, like freedom of thought and Justice perhaps, but also Science, Philosophy and the Arts. Over time Religion has become a cultural filter, an instrument of Cultural and Social Control, and this is exactly what happened with Constantine and the Nicaea Council.”

“You are complicating things,” she warned, ”I understand from the Catholic perspective the Catholic Heresies are Satanic Verses, but this is a Catholic matter. How does it affect the others?” she asked.

“Take this case for example, where does the Morality of Justice come from? Is it from the codes of the law, or from the Bible? Who is to decide what Justice is, and who is to administer Justice? The men on earth with the codes of the law, or is it rather God in the afterlife? Is it tolerable for someone to pretend to have High Moral Values above the law? Can we expect some Human Justice on earth, or do we necessarily have to wait for God because his disciples pretend the Law of Man is not the true law to obey and rather live outside the law, like a bunch of mobsters and gangsters. Also the Racial Laws of Mussolini had the blessing of the Pope, in writing, justified by the Moral Leadership of the Pope. In other words, is God an excuse to justify and get away with abuses, crimes, genocides and intellectual cleansing? Do you see? Religion is interfering with the Civic values of Equality, with Morality and the social Justice to which all people have the same rights, freedoms and obligations despite their belief or Religion.”

“Oh, yes” she said, “Of course I can see. The Divine Justice of God is far above the human laws and justice. It is a dispute concerning the relative value of man, compared to the absolute value of God. But it is also a dispute undermining the value of the law and equality, and breaking society apart.”

“Yes, exactly. The magnitude of the Cultural devastation that came with Christianity was immense, from Philosophy to the Sciences and the Arts, for millennia until today. Justice is not the only problem, but only one of the aspects. Put the case of Eratosthenes, calculating the circumference of earth 300 years before Jesus was born, 1800 years before the birth of Copernicus. Imagine if you looked in the school textbooks and found no mention of Eratosthenes, but only the modern heroes Copernicus and Galileo. Imagine that the schoolbooks represent the Nicaea Council as a milestone in shaping our current culture and values, while in reality it could only represent the beginning of the dark ages, the foundation of the Catholic Inquisition forewarning the incoming censorship and revisionism we witness in our current schoolbooks.

How could you or anybody explain how the Catholic Heresies became Catholic Legacy? And, if not Philosophy, or Justice or Science, what about the revisionism of the New Testament, vanishing 8 out of 12 Apostles? What is the magnitude of the devastation, and the intellectual cleansing behind all of this? Imagine that the School Programs disregard the Catholic Heresies as marginal aspects of History. Who may be the mastermind behind this System of Values?

No, the Catholic Heresies don’t concern witches and magic, and still today are important even more then we could imagine. We start from the prejudice and preconceptions we learn as mandatory part of the school syllabus. What matter if we glorify Copernicus, or Galileo, if Eratosthenes was erased from history and we cannot even ask the reasons why he was cancelled, like he was a Devil? So I wonder how the Catholic Heresies became Catholic Legacy, including Justice, Philosophy, Science, and the Arts. But above all I wonder about the probability, the likelihood nobody ever asked such simple questions. I wonder, who is to pass the exams? I wonder if the best students, the most inquisitive, have a chance to pass the exams. Is it possible nobody ever asked, and nobody ever noticed such inconsistencies?”

“I understand what you mean. Yes, it is very sad” she agreed, looking at the notes. “This is a version of the truth from the school books; but we know the disciples were not 4, and this is also the reason for the notes we are collecting, pointing out some reflections concerning our expensive education, isn’t it?”

“Yes. In my perspective I wish we had a kind of anti-virus or a debugging tool for our school textbooks; a documented reflection to scan and counterbalance the monotony and the contradictions of our education. On the other hand it must be educational, it has to be reasonable and invite reflection; it cannot be just a mockery of the misery of the best education we could buy. It must be substantiated with evidence beyond doubt.

Take this case, this is not in the schoolbooks either. When the early Christians arrived in Rome, Rome was a polytheistic town with its own Gods, and more Gods arrived from all over the provinces. The religious tradition of Rome was polytheism, the Gods were coexisting peacefully, and one God more or less did not make any difference until the Christians arrived, with the pretence that the law of Rome was not the true law to obey but there would be another law to obey above it. The Christians were pretending to have higher moral values, above the law, as if morality and Justice were not to be found in the law but in the Gospels. So, the Christians were in the Coliseum with the lions, not because of religious intolerance but because of their pretence that the law of Rome was not the true law to obey. The religious persecution of the Christians is fiction. Rome was a polytheistic town and didn’t have any problem with the Christian God. It was the disrespectful habit of the Christians causing social disorders, undermining of the Law and offending other Cults and Cultures. We can also see today, that this habit has not changed throughout history.”

“I see. But, for what reason was Jesus crucified?” she asked.

“Pretty much for this very same reason. Because in the words of Jesus the law of Rome was not the true law to obey, but there would be another law to obey above it. Nevertheless, in ancient Rome, the pre-Christian Gods from all over the provinces were coexisting peacefully and sharing their powers for the public good. Until the Christians arrived, with Monotheism and their Moral Supremacy.”

“Moral Supremacy? What is that?” she asked.

“It is a long story concerning the Supremacy of the Pope, the Bishop of Rome [W60], among the other bishops. It concerns the Moral and Cultural Leadership of the Roman Tradition of Christianity. The foundation of this Primacy, or Supremacy, may be found in Matthew, when Jesus said, “You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church” (Matthew 16:17-19) [B1]. It was Jesus himself who appointed Peter, and for this reason Saint Peter’s Square was made in the Vatican, just in front of the Basilica of Saint Peter. For this reason the Roman Church claims a kind of supremacy, because Saint Peter was in Rome and started it. On the other hand the Primacy, or Supremacy, of Rome was also one of the causes of the schism with the Orthodox tradition, which was unwilling to respect absolute obedience to Rome in matters of Religion; it was another problem dividing more and more the eastern part of the Roman Empire. More recently this very same Moral Supremacy was also adopted by Mussolini to justify the Cultural Supremacy and the Racial Laws he enacted to persecute Apostates and Heretics.”

“The Racial Laws of Mussolini.” she said repeating.

“It was a cultural regime, with its foundation in the Moral pre-eminence of the religious tradition. It was the Church to prepare and provide the Syllabus, and Mussolini simply embraced the Catholic Tradition. He signed the Lateran Treaty with the Vatican, and then, to enforce the Catholic Culture and Tradition against the new political parties demanding no more High Moral Values above the Law, he endorsed the Catholic Education and enacted the Racial Laws, all with the blessing of the Pope [W3][W4]. But primarily the Racial Laws were Cultural Laws, against democrats, liberals and socialists. It was a proper intellectual cleansing, a holy war against the Values of Democracy and the Freedom of Information, and with the help of his moral leader he made it, to close the Parliament and also the Freedom of Press.

But Mussolini didn’t need to invent any 'Roman Supremacy', it was already there, but at the time of Saint Peter, when the New Testament of the Bible didn’t exist at all, the Moral Supremacy was just word of mouth of St Matthew, he put in writing.

Also a few centuries later, at the time of Constantine and the Nicaea Council, Christianity was still completely undefined and inconsistent; it was literally a word of mouth Religion. From the start, early Christianity was a chaotic proliferation of prophets, different Gospels, different stories about Jesus, and different ways to pray. Then, all these differences become roots for different Religious Cults, turning differences into divisions. So, the need to define how to pray and what to pray, the need to define the liturgy, the theology and the doctrine of the new Cult was increasingly important in order to maintain unity inside the new Cult, but also inside the Roman Empire. In fact the Christian pretence to be above the law and above the other Cults fuelled social disorders, and was undermining the authority of the law. So Constantine took the decision to help the process of definition of the new Cult, he set up the Nicaea Council in 325 AD, and in 331 AD he commissioned Eusebius of Caesarea to prepare 50 copies of The Bible from the original writings available at his time.” [W5] [W6] [W7]

“So, there was a Bible at the time of Constantine” she said, expectantly.

“Well, Constantine probably wanted to read the Holy Scriptures, but there was no Bible available; nobody before thought to make a Bible out of the Holy Scripture, to preserve them, and today the Bible of Eusebius is not available because all 50 copies are lost. Now it is impossible to know how many books more were available in terms of Gospels and original writings that have been vanished later on, all together with the Bibles of Eusebius.”

“It is hard to believe, but somehow I am not surprised. The most adored book of all, to vanish in thin air. I was actually expecting something like this from the time you said the Catholic Cult was undefined, and the Bible was a pile of different versions and interpretations of something so actually we can say it never existed” she said again, with a baffling smile.

“Well, I am not inventing anything. I am just reporting some contradictions, evidence the schoolbooks partially introduce but never unveil or disclose properly. Anyway, sometime after Constantine the Cult probably changed again because the old Canons didn’t fit the new needs anymore. With time, some books become more important than others, some become inappropriate and have been judged heretical and purged from the Bible as have most of those by the Apostles.

Play this game. One of the points in discussion at the Nicaea Council [W39] was the syllabus, the duration and the program of the catechism in preparation for the sacrament of the Baptism. Clearly the course had a few prerequisites, like students being able to learn and reply in conscience to some easy questions, but nowadays children are baptized at a few weeks of age, and clearly the Act of Choice is not necessary anymore. So, what do you believe may have happened to the Gospels demanding the Act of Choice as a prerequisite for the Baptism? What do you think about the missing Gospels? Bit by bit, from the personal and spiritual experience it once was, Christianity has become the pile of impositions it is now, enforced by Canon Laws [W8], the laws made by the Church, in the name of God. Will they ever understand that the Law of the Church is not the true law to obey, and that there is another law to obey above it?

After the Nicaea Council in 325 A.D. the disputes between the Bishops of the East and West parts of the Roman Empire went on and on, concerning who to pray, and how to pray. Several more Councils have been organized, changing roles and Canons until Christianity become what it is today. But despite several Councils having been organized, the problem concerning true Christianity was never resolved because freedom of conscience has never been tolerated, and the points of the disputes become new Canons, new Laws and new Dogmas, absolute impositions of the Bishop of Rome pretending to have a better understanding of God. Later on, in 1276 A.D., after ages of controversies and disputes, Gregory X [W9] set up the procedure of the ‘Conclave’ for the election of the Roman Pope because the bishops everywhere were self-electing and self-proclaiming Popes, probably to wind up the Roman pretence of being the only Pope accredited in heaven. Obviously the coexistence of bishops and Popes excommunicating each other was causing even more divisions and schisms within Christianity, so the necessity to structure and discipline the new Cult was really a major problem not only for Constantine but even more for his successors. This situation lasted for a long time, and the Pope John Paul II [W10] in 2001 made the last update to the ‘Annuario Pontificio’, the Pontifical yearbook with Official List of the Popes of the Roman Catholic Church, adding almost 200 corrections. This is nowadays, isn’t it?”

“Wow. I see what you mean about word of mouth and High Moral Values above the law,” she said enlightened.

“Just imagine the First Vatican Council was organized in 1869 [W2], at the time of Italian unification, and on that occasion the Pope proclaimed himself infallible. Just consider the arrogance of this moralist above the law. But the point I was to discuss was that, with Constantine and after him, the new Roman Christian Cult gained more and more power and privileges until it was imposed in all provinces as the official Christian Religion of the Empire.”

“And what about the early Roman Christian Religion, when Saint Peter and Paul were in Rome? Was it really different from now?” she asked.

“There are several differences, and sure I cannot list them all. First I would say that Rome was a polytheistic town, and the Gods from all over the Empire were coexisting peacefully and sharing their power. But obviously this is not the case of the God of Saint Peter, which was rather challenging for the exclusive worship and seeding the high moral values of the holy war we witness today.

Another very important difference concerns the lost Gospels; in fact more than 50 Gospels [W12][W13] of the Gnostic Tradition have been rejected by the Catholic Church, but many more have been rejected and vanished, besides those of Saint Peter, Mary Magdalene and Judas.

Don’t you wonder why in the New Testament there are only 4 Gospels? And what happened to the others? The Gospel of Peter was condemned as heretical by 200 A.D., and probably the reasons all these Gospels went missing are to be found in the list of the Catholic Heresies, the Index of the Roman Catholic Inquisition, the only Book we can rely on in order to understand the History and the values of Christianity along with the History of the Catholic Church. Keep in mind these are the very same reasons we have a number of Bibles today, stating the opposite of each other.”

“Are you sure about the Gospel of Saint Peter” she asked, with an expression of disbelief.

“I wouldn’t tell you, if I were not sure. I believe you can find this also in Wikipedia” [W14] I said again reassuring.

“Right. I understand how the Catholic Heresies may help tracking the Satanic Verses of the Bible; I mean the New Testament. The Values and Morality through the different Christian Cults are not the same and have changed throughout history. Yes, the Catholic Heresies well represent a big part of the Satanic Verses of the Bible, and the different versions of the Bible we have today well represent the moral dissent, the moral rebellion against the Roman Church. That pile of different Bibles really stands like a pile of complaints to the Roman Morality, isn’t it?” she asked.

“Yes it is. That pile of Bibles is standing exactly like a pile of complaints” I repeated returning the smile, ”That happened because Christianity at its origin was a spiritual experience, was a private experience, was a personal matter of conscience but during the time it become more and more materialistic, ruled by more and more legal procedures and Canon Laws until it become the instrument of Cultural and Social Control it is today.

But at the time of Saint Peter the relationship between God and Men was a personal direct relationship, a personal matter of conscience, and the prayers didn’t need a middleman like a priest to intercede to God on their behalf. Saint Peter himself would have perceived the imposition of uncritical obedience a monstrosity, annihilating the personal Act of Choice and Will of the worshipper, and would have condemn the suffocating of personal feelings, precluding the possibility to express and share the inner personal beliefs.

Take the case of Arius and the Arian controversy concerning the nature of the relationship between God and Jesus, the Father and the Son. The controversy found its conclusion during the First Ecumenical Council of Nicaea, when Arius was put to the stake because of his personal belief. Arius was sharing his sincere feelings, but the main reasons to organize the Nicaea Council was not to dispute any controversy, but to stop the Religious disputes all together and for consequence Arius was sacrificed to the Catholic God of Obedience. In other words, it was not the Trinity to be upset by the miscomprehensions of Arius, but the expectations of the Roman Catholic priests demanding absolute obedience.

The Nicaea Council was just about Control and Obedience, and no personal feelings or understanding were needed anymore. So, by the time of the first Nicaea Council in 325 AD the original spirituality of Christianity was already downgraded to Heresy, a blasphemy to be persecuted and eradicated from Christian History, like most of the Gospels.

The execution of Arius is maybe the first execution at the stake of the Inquisition, but Arius is not the first in the list of the heretics because a few happened before. About 150 years before Nicaea, Saint Peter was already dead but his Gospel was accused of Heresy, for similar reasons to Arius. But Saint Peter was appointed by Jesus to be the First Stone of his Church, and for this reason it is truly Saint Peter who deserves the honour of being the Father of all the Heretics. The execution of Arius was to set the standard for the next centuries and millennia until today, but concerning the honour of launching the long tradition of heresies, that is for Saint Peter himself, the Apostle chosen by Jesus to build his Church.

I worry about being unclear; does it emerge that the Roman Catholic Church has a serious issue with the freedom of conscience of the prayers? Especially the act of being conscious of having a personal opinion is particularly perceived as rebellion against their will and insubordination. But freedom of conscience is part of Human nature, it is built in the nature of mankind, and the pretence of eradicating the freedom of conscience from the human nature is really undermining the Divine Nature of the Creation they pray for. They don’t respect the laws of the Creation of their God, they don’t respect the Human Nature for what it is, and they don’t respect the laws they made and then change at will to better suit them. From wherever you start, Justice, Philosophy, the Science or the Arts, it always turn up the same censorship and revisionism, a pile of nonsense, contradictions, abuses and intellectual cleansing of biblical proportions, with the stamps of the infallibility of the Pope on it [W2].

Definitively, the Roman Catholic Cult is not concerned about the personal spiritual experience of the faithful, but Obedience and Cultural control. That was the reason for Constantine, to keep the Empire Culturally United, and for the same reason after Constantine the Roman Religion has gained more and more power within the Imperial offices, it was levelled and made equal to the Imperial administration, and finally the administration of the Priests took over the offices of the Roman Empire itself, which probably collapsed suffocated by the high moral values above the Laws and Culture of Rome.”

“I understand, it is clear that freedom of thought is truly part of Human nature, not like the Roman Catholic Cult. The freedom of conscience is built in, but Religion is not, and different people have different ideas and the same freedom to believe it” she said again.

“Sure, a human friendly Religion should respect the freedom of conscience, and if we frame the Christianity of Saint Peter [W15], also for the founder of the Catholic tradition was inadmissible, unacceptable to baptize a child unable to understand and to choose with a Free Act of Choice and Will. On the other hand we know that at the time of the Nicaea Council the Gospel of Saint Peter was already condemned as heretical, because of docetism [W16] a heresy concerning the true nature of Jesus, similar to Arius, and later also the few remaining fragments have been rejected as apocryphal. Today only a few words survive of the Gospel of Peter, and we cannot read it anymore.

Also from the minutes of the Nicaea Council we see one of the points in discussion was the catechism, the course in preparation for the Baptism. It is implicit students of the course had to be capable of some understanding, and were not a few weeks old like children baptized today. We know for sure Saint Peter was practicing a different Christianity, and like Arius, Saint Peter would also have been condemned by the Nicaea Council to the stake of the inquisition, maybe because of Heresy but overall because Peter was appointed by Jesus, but not by the Romans.

It is obvious. After Saint Peter the Roman Christian Cult was changed, and after Constantine and the Nicaea Council it was changed again and again, and never in favour of individual spirituality, or the personal experience of the faithful. With time, Roman Christianity became an instrument of social and cultural control, and the pretence of being above the law become a reason of state and was never resolved, like the issue with freedom of conscience was never resolved, despite this freedom being prearranged and built in by the book of nature.

At the time of the Pre-Christian Romans the Gods didn’t challenge each other for exclusive worship but rather coexisted peacefully and shared their powers for the public good. The provinces of the Roman Empire used to trade with Rome and maintain their local cultures and deities, but when the imposition of the Roman Catholic Cult arrived, that made it all different, leading to the quick dissolution and collapse of the Empire. The monotheism transformed the Empire into a collection of Barbarians, pagans and heretics to be converted or scrapped.”

“Are you saying that Christianity is the cause of the collapse of the Roman Empire?” she asked, with an expression like she couldn’t believe it.

“Several reasons are listed by historians. Maybe we can check if any Christian ever listed Christianity within the causes of the fall of the Roman Empire. Nevertheless, with the arrival of Christianity, Roman Culture was changed, the meaning of Justice also changed, the administration changed, freedom in Science, Philosophy, also the meaning of Religion was changed, introducing cultural intolerance and the Holy War of monotheism. Clearly the imposition of Christianity has transformed the Roman Provinces into a collection of heathens and heretics to be converted, but I am sure this is nothing to do with the fall of the Roman Empire, which is still living today through the Christian tradition, or at least this is the opinion of some distinguished historians, very devoted and accredited in the most prestigious Universities. Despite it is apparent they confuse the Catholic Heresies as Catholic Legacy.

Concerning historians and archaeologists we can quote 'Forbidden Archaeology', by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson [A3][W17]. In their book Cremo and Thompson investigate the mysteries hiding in the underground of the museums, of human fossils hundreds of thousand years old. They also discuss the Knowledge Filter, the method and the process the scientists use to investigate, interpret, and finally confirm the Archaeological findings. Well, apparently, several Archaeological discoveries are stocked in the underground of museums, inaccessible to visitors, because these findings don’t support or cannot be explained within the paradigm of the predominant theory, and as consequence are disregarded and abandoned simply because they cannot be explained from the perspective of our culture and our knowledge. Apparently our scientists are only after reassuring confirmations. Do you remember we spoke before about this book, a few days ago?”

“Yes” she said, “We have also seen a documentary on YouTube, and I remember Cremo saying that the «Archaeologists and anthropologists have covered up as much evidences as they dug up, literally» [A4.1]. Thompson was complaining about the existence of a «Knowledge Filter» [A4.2], and made the example of a «colander» for knowledge, but at the same time he said, «It is not a deliberate conspiracy in the sense of some people getting together in a smoky room and saying, we are going to deceive people» [A4.3]. And then? Are we supposed to believe this Knowledge Filter is random, or casual, and happens by chance, without nobody actually doing it?”

“Cremo and Thompson said the cause of this Knowledge Filter is to be found in the confirmation bias, the mechanism of confirmation and agreement of scientists within the scientific community. But this is really funny because this bias originates from the schoolbooks. It is the writers of the schoolbooks who confirm each other and vanish the findings not substantiating the high moral values of their education. It is the cultural and knowledge backgrounds interfering with the process of interpreting and understanding new information, in this case the new findings, attributing inappropriate meanings and values. Like in the case of the Nicaea Councils, if you ask them, they will tell you that it was nothing to do with Roman Censorship but the beginning of our contemporary western civilization. Nevertheless the Knowledge Filters are made by the law, are enforced by the law, and the schoolbooks and the Nicaea Councils are just examples of this process. The Nicaea Councils represent the early Acts of Moral Supremacy of the new Roman Christian Religion, imposing the pre-eminence of Religion above the Morality of the Law of Man.”

“Do you believe in God?” she asked.

“Claiming, or pretending to have some comprehension or certainty of the existence of God, I would perceive myself very arrogant. If God ever existed, He would be far beyond our imagination. I’m feeling agnostic, and believe that God is just another temptation from the unknown around us. The universe is so precise compared to the Bible it is hard to believe both are from the same artist. My Bible is the Cosmos, the outer space of gasses and galaxies. Concerning the Bible of the missing Gospels I am not sure, but concerning God, if He ever existed, if He really made us, why did He give us the freedom of thought, if we didn’t need it?”

“You said God is a temptation. I like temptations. Good luck God made them!” she said smiling. “Temptations are essentials, and also the Satanic Verses are temptations, aren’t they?”

“Yes they are, but even the best temptations of God were powerless without a woman. In the Bible, also the snake and the apple were unconvincing and unable to seduce without a woman, and Eve is portrayed like a tempting redhead, like you.”

“I was,” she said smiling, “but now I am going white, you see?”

“It makes your eyes stand out even more. This is not a compliment; I really like your eyes so much I cannot explain.”

“What is wrong with my eyes?” she asked.

“Your eyes are a beautiful gift; there is nothing wrong with your eyes, but ‘Complete Heterochromia’ is a masterpiece of the Book of Nature. Your eyes challenge the unfeasible, and make it real. I like your eyes for what they represent, an instance of the impossible made real by the book of nature. I have never met a person with the eyes of two different colours, one blue eye, and the other eye green. It is a case of complete heterochromia but it doesn’t matter. This is nature, claiming her freedom of speech. How could I believe the Bible more than the beauty of nature? Your eyes make a mockery of the impossible, and make the least of chances factual and real. This is what I see in your eyes, the impossible chance made real by the book of Nature.”

“Maybe, but I know you can do better than flattery” she said. ”Do you know what? Probably we should talk more about temptations; it would be more interesting also for the students. In the end, also temptations are part of Creation, aren’t they? It is probably the most interesting part of life, and students may like it more than the tricky nonsense of the school programs.”

“Yes, you are right, but temptations are not missing from the Bible, not like the freedom of choice, and most of the Apostles. But you are right; we cannot forget temptations, and especially your eyes. And you? What is tempting you most?”

“Oh, I live day by day. I don’t know my temptations of tomorrow, but I know I have been tempted by your stories. Knowledge is tempting, and curiosity is probably the heart of all the temptations. We should talk more about taboos. What’s wrong with physical pleasure, and Hedonism? And what’s wrong with sex? How could possibly sex be a sin? What would Humanity be without sex? On the other hand, isn’t it clear that creation supposes incest from the start? Furthermore, in accord with the early versions of the Genesis, Adam and Eve had only three male sons; what monstrosity is this? What am I supposed to believe, we descend from the mystery of the homosexual conception? How could humanity exist without women, and without sex from the start? And what about ‘Free Love’ to separate the State from sexual matters? Why do men have a harem, and women don’t? Why cannot we have a group marriage, with a few men and women all married together? And what about female priests? What High Moral Values may a man have more than a woman? And what about the Magdalene laundries [W49]? What about the nuns and the sexual abuses of the priests? What about the freedom of choice for abortion? Why women are paid less than men, for the same job of a man? What is this, Magdalene laundries legacy? Now you tell me, who really is on the cross, a man or a woman?” she asked in a rush, with the understanding she was not to have an answer, not different from the abuses and violence she was listing. ”Who is on the cross, a man or a woman?” she asked again, repeating, but I was already buried in my thoughts. For a long time I was considering writing the Catholic Satanic Verses, but during all this time I have never questioned myself about the feminine part of it. The female part of the Catholic Satanic Verses was missing, and maybe this is the reason I was unsure, and never moved any further from the notes I was collecting since long before Aisling arrived.

She was right, despite my attempt to put myself in her shoes, I could have never imagined what she could have wanted, needed, felt or said. The freedom of choice was lurking through her eyes now, the eyes of her freedom, and the essence of her was fading away, inaccessible, something I could have never reached or comprehended. She became a figment incarcerated in the confines of my imagination, but could I be a gaoler? I asked myself, until I saw her freedom coming to me through her freedom, sitting next to me on the bench, so I could see her view, and she reappeared again as the only actor on the stage, the only flower in the Park I loved to listen to.

“Yes the Church and the female gender is another issue of biblical proportions” I said, back in this world, “Probably to be consistent on the cross there should have been a woman from the start” I said smiling, but she didn’t reply to my teasing.

“If there is any Knowledge or Cultural Filter, and we know it is, Religion plays a major role in building it. We should list a few more examples of Knowledge Filter, shaping the national system of values and its meritocracy, the values in which society is educated. This is a set up for guinea pigs!”

“Definitely. Starting from the freedom of conscience of having a personal opinion, in philosophy, cosmology, science and arts. I already have a few questions to ask, you know. There is no doubt, in education religion is more influential than the State, and Justice is not to be found in the Laws of the Sate but in the afterlife.”

“Yes, so how do we do this?” she queried.

“Well, concerning the Cultural and Knowledge filter we can quote the Forbidden Archaeology, listing the waste of Archaeological findings, but I doubt we will ever find any quote explaining how the Catholic Heresies become Catholic Legacy. Eventually we can quote a few pages from the Wikipedia, to introduce a few Historical figures like Eratosthenes, Constantine or the Bible of Eusebius of Caesarea.”

“Yes but the most of Wikipedia is made by students copying the schoolbooks on the Internet. Furthermore, it is not really possible to quote Wikipedia because the text is unstable, and the Universities don’t accept it as a reliable source. What help may be from Wikipedia?”

“If someone likes more documentation, Wikipedia offers a bibliography and someone may continue his exploration, but the most of our writing should be put into a few simple self-explanatory questions. We should make easy questions, and then, if the readers cannot find an answer, not from Wikipedia, and not from the reliable sources of the Universities, then they have to think with their own head, and with that we made our point. What could we do more than this? We are not responsible for all of this; we are just snooping around for uncharted thoughts in Education, don’t you remember?” I asked smiling.

“What questions have you in mind?” she asked rolling the pen on the notebook.

“I would like to ask how the Catholic Heresies become Catholic Legacy” I replied promptly. “Because for the students to understand this question they have to think with their own head, and this is important. They have to experience the contradictions of their textbooks; they have to learn to use their own heads, and not just be obedient, and repeat like parrots everything they are told.”

“Yes but this question needs an explanation because the schoolbooks don’t even mention what the Catholic Heresies are, and Wikipedia is no different.”

“We said something about, introducing the Catholic Heresies; it shouldn’t take more than what we already said. The point is not in listing the heresies analytically one by one, but to highlight a few examples, a few contradictions, and reflect on them, to explore the connections, consequences and implications.”

“And then, what is there more to say?” she asked again.

“There is evidence of millennia of abuses, and we can only scratch the surface. We can list a few inconsistencies from our schoolbooks, showing that the cultural revisionism of the Nicaea Council is still ruling the society of today, but the list of the abuses perpetrated by the Catholic Church in history is immense and we cannot pretend to do a complete list. One man’s entire lifetime wouldn’t be enough to catalogue all the devastation, the cultural and intellectual revisionism that came with Christianity; we can only introduce a few characters like Eratosthenes, Aristarchus of Samos, or Hypatia, and then the Nicaea Council flattening the Earth for millennia. But freedom of thought, curiosity and temptations are built in the book of nature, and no Church will ever be able to prevent nature from its course, whatever Bible they may have. Freedom of thought is in the big scheme from the start, and was unavoidable more people after Eratosthenes travelled through again similar observations and intuitions of the repetitive movements of the cosmos, like the Astronomers of the Middle East did, publishing doubts on Ptolemy Theory and improving substantially the accuracy of their experimental observations, not only with the leap year. In 850, al-Farghani wrote a compendium of the science of stars [W61], and by the year 1030 the Ptolemaic System [W62] was openly criticized by Astronomers from Middle East, long before Copernicus and Galileo arrived with their observations. How far from truth would it be, if Copernicus or Galileo knew about the ancient Greek Heliocentric theories, or the Islamic improvements in Astronomy? On the other hand we know the real fear of Copernicus is well represented by his decision to publish his book only after death. And sometime later, when Galileo decided to prove Copernicus Heliocentric Theory was real, Galileo turned up demonstrating Copernicus’ fear of the Inquisition was even more real. Astronomical knowledge was available since long before Jesus arrived, but His Church flattened the skies; no wonder the Vatican made crusades to stop the Astronomical revolution during the Islamic Golden Age, pointing out the Catholic Heresies shining in the night sky!

Another case I love from the schoolbooks concerns the Renaissance Culture, becoming intellectual legacy of the persecutors of the Renaissance Culture. The schoolbooks pretend that Italy is the flagship of the Renaissance Culture, with Galileo, Michelangelo and many more historical figures, but in evidence the Renaissance Culture was made up of Catholic Heresies, and cannot be Catholic Legacy. The Renaissance was made of Catholic blasphemies, and in Italy, at the time of the Renaissance, the Inquisition and the Counter-Reformation strove exactly against the heresies of the Renaissance Culture, the heresies of Copernicus and Luther perhaps, but also against the heresies of Galileo and Michelangelo.

The Renaissance was blooming with different versions of the Bible, and even more curiosities for natural sciences; it was the rediscovering, the rebirth of the ancient Greek Pre-Christian Philosophy the Nicaea Council was unable to vanish from history, and even less from human nature. The Renaissance was the resurrection of the freedom of conscience, which is part of the human being and as such cannot be dismissed or erased. This is a solid statement of the book of nature, and not a disputable quote from the Bible.”

“And concerning the characters? Did you think about this?” she asked, recalling the literary perspective of the writing we were discussing sometime before.

“We are only expected to conform and obey, and to forget our individual differences and personal curiosities which are not accepted. We are expected to conform to the schoolbooks and to the selected words of Jesus, but if I cancel our individualities I only see our ghosts, lifeless and unreal. As a consequence our characters should be like ghosts, artificial characters, straw men, deprived of individuality and personality, just like puppets following a script; like Galileo did in his dialogue [W18]. But really there is something I am tempted to say.”

“Something about what?”

“Something about your eyes.”

“You could tell my name, it would be the same.”

“I like your eyes for what they represent, an instance of the impossible made real by the book of nature.”


“Thank you.”

“What about you? Will you say anything about the vanishing of your passport and your degree? Would you talk about that?” she asked changing the subject.

“The story of my personal documents may be perceived as a personal matter and I wouldn’t confuse public and private matters. On the other hand I see it could be an example, a case I know from my personal experience, something I am sure and have no doubt about. Maybe I say something, but just to explain what it means having rights we cannot really claim, not even the most basic rights, and also our name may be taken from us.

After complaining about the vanishing of archaeological findings, I rather wonder how the Professors Cremo and Thompson would comment on the disappearance of University Degrees from the offices of Universities, and the vanishing of Legal Suits from the Courts of Justice. Because all these disappearances are not random but have the same High Moral Values in common.”

“Maybe we should ask the European Union; if the E.U. was as serious as it pretends to be, your personal documents shouldn’t be a problem. Why don’t you send them the transcript of your video, when you were arrested and you taped the policeman informing you about the false accusations of anonymous informants? Tell them you would like to know about your personal documents. Tell them you are paperless like an illegal immigrant, in that civilized place of Europe. Ask them how long it may take to find your passport?”

“They already know all of this; years ago the European Office OLAF sent a copy of my legal claim to the Court of Justice in Milan, and the prosecutor Corrado Carnevali swept that legal claim under the carpet on behalf of his God, the puppeteer. Definitely the meaning of Justice in Italy is 'special', and for the same reason also the Nuremberg trials [W63] had different results for the Fascists, compared to the Nazis, despite both being responsible for the same crimes, and despite the fact that it was not the Nazis who invented ‘The Holocaust’. The Jewish ghetto in Rome was made with the remains left over from the building of the Basilica of Saint Peter, and that made the difference also in Nuremberg, almost 2000 years later.

Why should I be surprised if still today the same High Moral Values of the Fascists are tolerated and promoted in Europe, above the Law? Why should I be surprised if the European Union needs this 'Moral Supremacy' in order to exist?

Why should I be surprised if step by step the Catholic Heresies have become slogans for the Catholic Propaganda, and the System of Corruption of the Roman Supremacy is taught and imposed as Values and Virtues of Democracy? As matter of facts, the Catholic Church has persecuted the Catholic Heresies throughout history, but these Values, the pompous “Catholic Heresies” in discussion are nothing more than the Freedom of Choice and the Secular Value of Justice, individual and personal Values the Church has always refused to respect. In fact the Church is a Theocracy, a totalitarian absolute regime demanding to rule Earth like God would, or at least this is their sincere intention; it was within this framework of Culture and Tradition of Absolute Power that Mussolini persecuted as Apostates of the faith all the Political Parties demanding the Secular Values of Democracy and Justice. Mussolini did not persecute the Jew as infidels, but persecuted the Democrats as infidels, and the Liberals as infidels, and the Socialist, the Communists. As a matter of fact, in 1929 Mussolini first signed the Concordat with the Church endorsing the Cultural Supremacy of the Roman Catholic Tradition against the emerging Democratic Values. Then he closed the Parliament, dissolved the Political Parties, and persecuted the rebels, the Apostates, as infidels and Enemies of the State. Mussolini signed the Concordat in 1929, and that was the origin, the cultural foundation of the Racial Laws that the Fascist Regime enacted later to promote the Catholic Culture and Tradition. In 1949, after WWII, after the Nuremberg Trials absolved the Racial Laws of Mussolini as Culture and Tradition, the Vatican repeated the Anathema against the Democratic Values with the Holy Decree against Communism [W71]. But you can see the problem was not with Communism but with the Freedom of Choice and the Secular Value of Justice; the Democratic Values historically persecuted as Heresies of rebels and conspirators plotting against the Absolute Power of the Church.

In Italy the Minister of Justice reported over a 9.000.000 legal case backlog; does this happen by chance or is there a plan to organize this disruption? The Judge Luigi Tosti [A33] was disbarred as a Judge and Lawyer after suggesting the removal of the crucifix from the Courts of Justice, as if the rights of people had to be found in the Bible rather than the Codes of the Law. But the best is the evidence that since the time of the Decree against Communism nobody ever asked how the Democratic Value have become Catholic Legacy. As if the Freedom of Choice and the Secular Value of Justice could have possibly ever been Catholic Values.

The Fascist Regime is still there the same as it was, and the end of WWII in Italy has never arrived. Nuremberg in Italy never brought Justice but the confirmation and consolidation of the Racist Regime as good values of the Italian Culture and Tradition. No matter the Racial Laws, the intellectual cleansing and the persecution of the Apostates. After WWII Italy never had any re-education program concerning the Holy Racial Laws, and the fascist tormentors have continued their Culture and Tradition of abuses with the blessing of the Pope as before.

Since the end of WWII the Public Administration in Italy blackmails people for personal documents, intentionally makes people paperless, vanishes lawsuits from the Courts of Justice and prints fake Passports and University Degrees for good Catholic people like Kyenge, Regeni and the thousands they represent from the schools of the bishops. They can have recommendations for diplomas and degrees they never had, meanwhile others cannot have confirmation of their legitimate academic careers and their lawsuits are swept under the carpets as living offers to the crucifix of Jesus.

For a long time after Nicaea these High Moral Values have been above the law in Europe, until the end of the Dark Ages, and we shouldn't be surprise if the European Union of today looks like a revival of the Dark Ages, when Europe was all united under the Moral Leadership of the Pope. Until the Renaissance arrived, shattering the Catholic hegemony into pieces, with the Catholic Heresies once again fuelling that revolt.

So, it may be worth remembering that Galileo and Michelangelo were just repeating the reasons of the rebels fuelling the Renaissance, and also Mussolini was not the mastermind of the racial laws he enacted in the name of such High Moral Values he embraced with the Concordat, with the mentoring and blessing of the Pope. It should be worth remembering that the Holocaust didn't concern the Jews only, but it was a Cultural matter more then racial, against the democrats, the liberals and socialists persecuted by Mussolini because of their Political Ideal of Justice, incompatible with the Catholic Holy scripture. In fact, the democrats were expecting Justice from the law of man, rather than postponing it to the afterlife, in accord with the tradition and the blessing of the Pope.

Why be surprised if still today, in the name of these High Moral Values, legal claims are swept under the carpets, and our rights for Justice are postponed to the afterlife? Still today I know for sure people's degrees and passports vanish into thin air, in the office, and we cannot ask Justice for the millenary tradition of forgeries and intellectual cleansing because the European Union tolerates and acts as an accomplice to all of this, since the time of the Nuremberg trial, the European Union needs this morality above the laws to exist, and since then is sweeping more and more people under the carpets.

But it is comical to see, in Germany in the last few years two Ministers have been stripped of their University Degrees because they have plagiarized some parts or paragraphs of their Theses. In Italy Ministers and Members of Parliament have been found with totally fake degrees; I mean they have never been to University at all, and despite faking legal documents they have never been prosecuted.

In Italy the Public Administration vanishes people and documents all together, and the Courts of Justice vanish the legal claims even if the European Union issued these claims, concerning my European Passport and my Degree perhaps, vanished into Italian thin air. Definitely the EU is not helping the enforcement of the law, or fighting the Italian Mafia and System of Corruption.

In evidence the Italian territory of Europe is much more tolerant than the German territory concerning the law of man, isn't it? In Italy counterfeiting is an industry since the time of Saint Peter, in Germany counterfeiters get fired, and in England the victims complaining of their rights against the mob are locked up in high security prisons as terrorists.

Tell me, what to expect from Europe? There are reasons if the Nuremberg trial prosecuted the Nazis, but not the fascists; and if in England the victims of such System of Corruption are isolated and made paperless like illegal immigrants, it is not by the law but in accord with the System of Corruption of the Catholic Tradition.

Since the time the Fathers of the Church arrived in Rome pretending the law of Rome was not the true law to obey; is it clear, the origin of this tradition of High Moral Values above the law, where are they from?”

“Those were High Moral Values” she said, once more dismayed.

“These may be High Moral Values to someone, but not to me” I whispered standing up, and then we took our way home, though we could still discern the residual shadows of the daylight beams from behind the horizon.