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This publication narrates a true story, and the documents in Appendix are copies of real documents.

Therefore any resemblance to persons living or dead is true and deliberate.

Events described herein are not products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner but actually happened as described, though the author has taken certain literary liberties, staging the narration as casual conversations in the park, and trying to portrait the intolerable as socially acceptable.


English rendering of the leaflet posted in Italy after WWII.
Italian photograph of the original leaflet pag 225 (Go Appendix)
From Wikipedia [W71].

The leaflets were on display and distributed
at the entrance of the Churches.
Just after WWII and the Nuremberg Trials,
this Decree resumes the Cultural principles of the Concordat
at the origin of the Racial Laws of Mussolini,
persecuting the Democrats as Apostates of the Faith.


Could you tell how the Catholic Heresies, the Freedom of Choice or the Secular Value of Justice, have become Catholic legacy?

The only certainty is that there is no way of explaining how they could become Catholic Legacy, but how to interpret the evidence that all the Universities today are disguising the Catholic Heresies and the secular values as Catholic Legacy?

How did we get to this point?

Unfolding as casual conversations in the park concerning significant contradictions regarding the origins of our civil rights and freedoms, this book aims to explore and challenge this very syllabus and school programs through first hand experiences and research.

Could you explain the Nuremberg trials condemning the Nazi Racial Laws but not the Fascist Racial Laws, and that no Fascist war criminal has ever been prosecuted, despite being responsible for the same crimes?

Is this tradition of high moral ground subjugating and coercing the European Union, and keeping it under the thumb, the same as during the dark ages?

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